Jonghyun Shin
Crofford Lab
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  1. DNA methyltransferase 3a and mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling regulate the expression of fibroblast growth factor-inducible 14 (Fn14) during denervation-induced skeletal muscle atrophy. Tajrishi MM, Shin J, Hetman M, Kumar A (2014) J Biol Chem 289(29): 19985-99
    › Primary publication · 24895120 (PubMed) · PMC4106317 (PubMed Central)
  2. The TWEAK-Fn14 dyad is involved in age-associated pathological changes in skeletal muscle. Tajrishi MM, Sato S, Shin J, Zheng TS, Burkly LC, Kumar A (2014) Biochem Biophys Res Commun 446(4): 1219-1224
    › Primary publication · 24680686 (PubMed) · PMC4049113 (PubMed Central)
  3. Matrix metalloproteinase-9 inhibition improves proliferation and engraftment of myogenic cells in dystrophic muscle of mdx mice. Hindi SM, Shin J, Ogura Y, Li H, Kumar A (2013) PLoS One 8(8): e72121
    › Primary publication · 23977226 (PubMed) · PMC3744489 (PubMed Central)
  4. TWEAK promotes exercise intolerance by decreasing skeletal muscle oxidative phosphorylation capacity. Sato S, Ogura Y, Mishra V, Shin J, Bhatnagar S, Hill BG, Kumar A (2013) Skelet Muscle 3(1): 18
    › Primary publication · 23835416 (PubMed) · PMC3711790 (PubMed Central)
  5. Wasting mechanisms in muscular dystrophy. Shin J, Tajrishi MM, Ogura Y, Kumar A (2013) Int J Biochem Cell Biol 45(10): 2266-79
    › Primary publication · 23669245 (PubMed) · PMC3759654 (PubMed Central)
  6. Function of death-associated protein 1 in proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis of chicken satellite cells. Shin J, McFarland DC, Strasburg GM, Velleman SG (2013) Muscle Nerve 48(5): 777-90
    › Primary publication · 23483580 (PubMed)
  7. Migration of turkey muscle satellite cells is enhanced by the syndecan-4 cytoplasmic domain through the activation of RhoA. Shin J, McFarland DC, Velleman SG (2013) Mol Cell Biochem 375(1-2): 115-30
    › Primary publication · 23212449 (PubMed)
  8. Modulation of turkey myogenic satellite cell differentiation through the shedding of glypican-1. Velleman SG, Song Y, Shin J, McFarland DC (2013) Comp Biochem Physiol A Mol Integr Physiol 164(1): 36-43
    › Primary publication · 23069913 (PubMed)
  9. Function of the syndecan-4 cytoplasmic domain in oligomerization and association with ╬▒-actinin in turkey muscle satellite cells. Shin J, Song Y, McFarland DC, Velleman SG (2012) Mol Cell Biochem 363(1-2): 437-44
    › Primary publication · 22203420 (PubMed)
  10. Heparan sulfate proteoglycans, syndecan-4 and glypican-1, differentially regulate myogenic regulatory transcription factors and paired box 7 expression during turkey satellite cell myogenesis: implications for muscle growth. Shin J, McFarland DC, Velleman SG (2012) Poult Sci 91(1): 201-7
    › Primary publication · 22184445 (PubMed)
  11. Bovine adipose triglyceride lipase is not altered and adipocyte fatty acid-binding protein is increased by dietary flaxseed. Deiuliis J, Shin J, Murphy E, Kronberg SL, Eastridge ML, Suh Y, Yoon JT, Lee K (2010) Lipids 45(11): 963-73
    › Primary publication · 20886305 (PubMed)
  12. Comparative analysis of fatty acid-binding protein 4 promoters: conservation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor binding sites. Shin J, Li B, Davis ME, Suh Y, Lee K (2009) J Anim Sci 87(12): 3923-34
    › Primary publication · 19717768 (PubMed)
  13. The ontogeny of delta-like protein 1 messenger ribonucleic acid expression during muscle development and regeneration: comparison of broiler and Leghorn chickens. Shin J, Velleman SG, Latshaw JD, Wick MP, Suh Y, Lee K (2009) Poult Sci 88(7): 1427-37
    › Primary publication · 19531714 (PubMed)
  14. Technical note: a gene delivery system in the embryonic cells of avian species using a human adenoviral vector. Shin J, Bae DR, Latshaw JD, Wick MP, Reddish JM, Lee K (2009) J Anim Sci 87(9): 2791-5
    › Primary publication · 19502509 (PubMed)
  15. Cloning of adipose triglyceride lipase complementary deoxyribonucleic acid in poultry and expression of adipose triglyceride lipase during development of adipose in chickens. Lee K, Shin J, Latshaw JD, Suh Y, Serr J (2009) Poult Sci 88(3): 620-30
    › Primary publication · 19211534 (PubMed)
  16. Cloning and expression of delta-like protein 1 messenger ribonucleic acid during development of adipose and muscle tissues in chickens. Shin J, Lim S, Latshaw JD, Lee K (2008) Poult Sci 87(12): 2636-46
    › Primary publication · 19038821 (PubMed)
  17. Interferon-stimulated gene ISG12b1 inhibits adipogenic differentiation and mitochondrial biogenesis in 3T3-L1 cells. Li B, Shin J, Lee K (2009) Endocrinology 150(3): 1217-24
    › Primary publication · 18948406 (PubMed)
  18. Developmental, hormonal, and nutritional regulation of porcine adipose triglyceride lipase (ATGL). Deiuliis JA, Shin J, Bae D, Azain MJ, Barb R, Lee K (2008) Lipids 43(3): 215-25
    › Primary publication · 18189154 (PubMed)
  19. Bovine muscle n-3 fatty acid content is increased with flaxseed feeding. Kronberg SL, Barcel├│-Coblijn G, Shin J, Lee K, Murphy EJ (2006) Lipids 41(11): 1059-68
    › Primary publication · 17263305 (PubMed)
  20. Phytosterols and lecithin do not have an additive effect in lowering plasma and hepatic cholesterol levels in diet-induced hypercholesterolemic rats. Shin J, Kim YJ, Choi MS, Woo DH, Park T (2004) Biofactors 22(1-4): 173-5
    › Primary publication · 15630277 (PubMed)