Heidi Schaefer
Last active: 2/25/2014


I have specialized in the care of kidney transplant recipients and living kidney donors since 2003 and currently serve as the Medical Director of the Living Donor Program. I have a particular interest in caring for patients with dual organ transplants, other organ transplants with chronic kidney disease, and kidney transplant recipients with HIV. I also have developed an expertise in caring for pregnant kidney transplant recipients.

My clinical, patient based research includes the evaluation of novel immunosuppressive agents in kidney transplant recipients as well as medical complications related to kidney transplantation. I have served as the Primary Investigator and Co-Investigator on multiple multi-center trials and have participated as an FDA advisor on the design of endpoints of clinical trials in kidney transplantation. In addition, I have an interest in performance improvement initiatives in living donation and lead the Living Donor QAPI Committee at Vanderbilt.

Currently, I am serving a six-year term on the ASN Transplant Advisory Group (TAG) and am the TAG representative to the ASN Quality and Patient Safety Task Force.

In my academic role, I have over 20 publications in peer approved journals and serve as the director of the kidney transplant fellowship training program at Vanderbilt. I play an integral role in medical student education and mentoring.




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