Huifang Cheng
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      I received my M.D. from Peking Union Medical University, Msc. from Beijing Medical University, and experienced extensive post-graduate training in Nephrology mentored by Prof. J steward Cameron and molecular biology in the Molecular Biology Department in Manchester University, U.K. Since 1992, I have been a member of the laboratory of Dr. Raymond Harris in the Division of Nephrology and promoted to Research Instructor in 1995, to Research Assistant Professor in 1999 and to Research Associate Professor in 2002. I published more than fifty original scientific manuscripts in high quality journals, including Journal of Clinical Investigation, Journal of Biologic Chemistry, American Journal of Physiology, Journal of the American Society of Nephrology and Kidney International, which have been widely cited. Our work involves in the role of renin- angiotensin-system, cyclooxygenase-2 and Nitric oxide during renal injury and our goal is to investigate the crosslink with pro-inflammation factors in glomerular cells (such as podocyte and endothelial cells etc.) and their molecular mechanisms during the development of renal diseases, such as diabetic nephropathy, especially in aged population.


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  1. Low nitric oxide bioavailability upregulates renal heparin binding EGF-like growth factor expression. Miyazawa T, Zeng F, Wang S, Fan X, Cheng H, Yang H, Bian A, Fogo AB, Harris RC (2013) Kidney Int 84(6): 1176-88
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  2. Improvement of endothelial nitric oxide synthase activity retards the progression of diabetic nephropathy in db/db mice. Cheng H, Wang H, Fan X, Paueksakon P, Harris RC (2012) Kidney Int 82(11): 1176-83
    › Citation · 22785174 (PubMed) · PMC3473143 (PubMed Central)
  3. Integrin α1/Akita double-knockout mice on a Balb/c background develop advanced features of human diabetic nephropathy. Yu L, Su Y, Paueksakon P, Cheng H, Chen X, Wang H, Harris RC, Zent R, Pozzi A (2012) Kidney Int 81(11): 1086-97
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  4. Podocyte COX-2 exacerbates diabetic nephropathy by increasing podocyte (pro)renin receptor expression. Cheng H, Fan X, Moeckel GW, Harris RC (2011) J Am Soc Nephrol 22(7): 1240-51
    › Citation · 21737546 (PubMed) · PMC3137572 (PubMed Central)
  5. The glomerulus--a view from the outside--the podocyte. Cheng H, Harris RC (2010) Int J Biochem Cell Biol 42(9): 1380-7
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  6. Distinct roles for basal and induced COX-2 in podocyte injury. Cheng H, Fan X, Guan Y, Moeckel GW, Zent R, Harris RC (2009) J Am Soc Nephrol 20(9): 1953-62
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  7. Puromycin induces reversible proteinuric injury in transgenic mice expressing cyclooxygenase-2 in podocytes. Jo YI, Cheng H, Wang S, Moeckel GW, Harris RC (2007) Nephron Exp Nephrol 107(3): e87-94
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  8. Overexpression of cyclooxygenase-2 predisposes to podocyte injury. Cheng H, Wang S, Jo YI, Hao CM, Zhang M, Fan X, Kennedy C, Breyer MD, Moeckel GW, Harris RC (2007) J Am Soc Nephrol 18(2): 551-9
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  9. Renal cortical cyclooxygenase 2 expression is differentially regulated by angiotensin II AT(1) and AT(2) receptors. Zhang MZ, Yao B, Cheng HF, Wang SW, Inagami T, Harris RC (2006) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 103(43): 16045-50
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  10. Endothelial nitric oxide synthase deficiency produces accelerated nephropathy in diabetic mice. Zhao HJ, Wang S, Cheng H, Zhang MZ, Takahashi T, Fogo AB, Breyer MD, Harris RC (2006) J Am Soc Nephrol 17(10): 2664-9
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  11. Potential side effects of renin inhibitors--mechanisms based on comparison with other renin-angiotensin blockers. Cheng H, Harris RC (2006) Expert Opin Drug Saf 5(5): 631-41
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  12. Expression of mediators of renal injury in the remnant kidney of ROP mice is attenuated by cyclooxygenase-2 inhibition. Cheng H, Zhang M, Moeckel GW, Zhao Y, Wang S, Qi Z, Breyer MD, Harris RC (2005) Nephron Exp Nephrol 101(3): e75-85
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  18. Cyclooxygenase-2 expression in cultured cortical thick ascending limb of Henle increases in response to decreased extracellular ionic content by both transcriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms. Role of p38-mediated pathways. Cheng HF, Harris RC (2002) J Biol Chem 277(47): 45638-43
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  19. Prostaglandins that increase renin production in response to ACE inhibition are not derived from cyclooxygenase-1. Cheng HF, Wang SW, Zhang MZ, McKanna JA, Breyer R, Harris RC (2002) Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol 283(3): R638-46
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