Daniel Perrien
Last active: 4/1/2019


Dr. Perrien joined the VCBB in November 2008.  After receiving his Doctorate in Physiology and Biophysics from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, he worked for an orthopaedic tissue engineering company, developing growth factor based drug/device therapies to enhance musculoskeletal repair.  Fracture repair and distraction osteogenesis continue to be major areas of investigation.  In addition, his efforts include mathematical modeling of structure-function relationships in bone, understanding the skeletal response to mechanical load, and endocrine control of bone mass and turnover.


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  1. LNK deficiency promotes acute aortic dissection and rupture. Laroumanie F, Korneva A, Bersi MR, Alexander MR, Xiao L, Zhong X, Van Beusecum JP, Chen Y, Saleh MA, McMaster WG, Gavulic KA, Dale BL, Zhao S, Guo Y, Shyr Y, Perrien DS, Cox NJ, Curci JA, Humphrey JD, Madhur MS (2018) JCI Insight 3(20)
    › Primary publication · 30333305 (PubMed) · PMC6237478 (PubMed Central)
  2. The proto-oncogene function of Mdm2 in bone. Olivos DJ, Perrien DS, Hooker A, Cheng YH, Fuchs RK, Hong JM, Bruzzaniti A, Chun K, Eischen CM, Kacena MA, Mayo LD (2018) J Cell Biochem 119(11): 8830-8840
    › Primary publication · 30011084 (PubMed) · PMC6348883 (PubMed Central)
  3. Differences in sensitivity to microstructure between cyclic- and impact-based microindentation of human cortical bone. Uppuganti S, Granke M, Manhard MK, Does MD, Perrien DS, Lee DH, Nyman JS (2017) J Orthop Res 35(7): 1442-1452
    › Primary publication · 27513922 (PubMed) · PMC5530367 (PubMed Central)
  4. Novel methods for microCT-based analyses of vasculature in the renal cortex reveal a loss of perfusable arterioles and glomeruli in eNOS-/- mice. Perrien DS, Saleh MA, Takahashi K, Madhur MS, Harrison DG, Harris RC, Takahashi T (2016) BMC Nephrol : 24
    › Primary publication · 26936597 (PubMed) · PMC4776352 (PubMed Central)
  5. The effect of an inhibitor of gut serotonin (LP533401) during the induction of periodontal disease. Lima GM, Corazza BJ, Moraes RM, de Oliveira FE, de Oliveira LD, Franco GC, Perrien DS, Elefteriou F, Anbinder AL (2016) J Periodontal Res 51(5): 661-8
    › Primary publication · 26740292 (PubMed) · PMC5630139 (PubMed Central)
  6. Predicting mouse vertebra strength with micro-computed tomography-derived finite element analysis. Nyman JS, Uppuganti S, Makowski AJ, Rowland BJ, Merkel AR, Sterling JA, Bredbenner TL, Perrien DS (2015) Bonekey Rep : 664
    › Primary publication · 25908967 (PubMed) · PMC4407510 (PubMed Central)
  7. Corrigendum: Asfotase-α improves bone growth, mineralization and strength in mouse models of neurofibromatosis type-1. de la Croix Ndong J, Makowski AJ, Uppuganti S, Vignaux G, Ono K, Perrien DS, Joubert S, Baglio SR, Granchi D, Stevenson DA, Rios JJ, Nyman JS, Elefteriou F (2015) Nat Med 21(4): 414
    › Primary publication · 25849275 (PubMed)
  8. Inner Ear Vestibular Signals Regulate Bone Remodeling via the Sympathetic Nervous System. Vignaux G, Ndong JD, Perrien DS, Elefteriou F (2015) J Bone Miner Res 30(6): 1103-11
    › Primary publication · 25491117 (PubMed) · PMC4772960 (PubMed Central)
  9. Combined MEK inhibition and BMP2 treatment promotes osteoblast differentiation and bone healing in Nf1Osx -/- mice. de la Croix Ndong J, Stevens DM, Vignaux G, Uppuganti S, Perrien DS, Yang X, Nyman JS, Harth E, Elefteriou F (2015) J Bone Miner Res 30(1): 55-63
    › Primary publication · 25043591 (PubMed) · PMC4280331 (PubMed Central)
  10. Asfotase-α improves bone growth, mineralization and strength in mouse models of neurofibromatosis type-1. de la Croix Ndong J, Makowski AJ, Uppuganti S, Vignaux G, Ono K, Perrien DS, Joubert S, Baglio SR, Granchi D, Stevenson DA, Rios JJ, Nyman JS, Elefteriou F (2014) Nat Med 20(8): 904-10
    › Primary publication · 24997609 (PubMed) · PMC4126855 (PubMed Central)
  11. Development of Raman spectral markers to assess metastatic bone in breast cancer. Ding H, Nyman JS, Sterling JA, Perrien DS, Mahadevan-Jansen A, Bi X (2014) J Biomed Opt 19(11): 111606
    › Primary publication · 24933683 (PubMed) · PMC4059340 (PubMed Central)
  12. Prostate cancer metastases alter bone mineral and matrix composition independent of effects on bone architecture in mice--a quantitative study using microCT and Raman spectroscopy. Bi X, Sterling JA, Merkel AR, Perrien DS, Nyman JS, Mahadevan-Jansen A (2013) Bone 56(2): 454-60
    › Primary publication · 23867219 (PubMed) · PMC3799839 (PubMed Central)
  13. A secreted bacterial protease tailors the Staphylococcus aureus virulence repertoire to modulate bone remodeling during osteomyelitis. Cassat JE, Hammer ND, Campbell JP, Benson MA, Perrien DS, Mrak LN, Smeltzer MS, Torres VJ, Skaar EP (2013) Cell Host Microbe 13(6): 759-72
    › Primary publication · 23768499 (PubMed) · PMC3721972 (PubMed Central)
  14. Percutaneous injection of augment injectable bone graft (rhPDGF-BB and β-tricalcium phosphate [β-TCP]/bovine type I collagen matrix) increases vertebral bone mineral density in geriatric female baboons. Perrien DS, Young CS, Alvarez-Urena PP, Dean DD, Lynch SE, Hollinger JO (2013) Spine J 13(5): 580-6
    › Primary publication · 23541446 (PubMed)
  15. Silent information regulator (Sir)T1 inhibits NF-κB signaling to maintain normal skeletal remodeling. Edwards JR, Perrien DS, Fleming N, Nyman JS, Ono K, Connelly L, Moore MM, Lwin ST, Yull FE, Mundy GR, Elefteriou F (2013) J Bone Miner Res 28(4): 960-9
    › Primary publication · 23172686 (PubMed)
  16. Stimulation of host bone marrow stromal cells by sympathetic nerves promotes breast cancer bone metastasis in mice. Campbell JP, Karolak MR, Ma Y, Perrien DS, Masood-Campbell SK, Penner NL, Munoz SA, Zijlstra A, Yang X, Sterling JA, Elefteriou F (2012) PLoS Biol 10(7): e1001363
    › Primary publication · 22815651 (PubMed) · PMC3398959 (PubMed Central)
  17. Effects of anti-tumor necrosis factor α agents on bone. Kawai VK, Stein CM, Perrien DS, Griffin MR (2012) Curr Opin Rheumatol 24(5): 576-85
    › Primary publication · 22810364 (PubMed) · PMC3753172 (PubMed Central)
  18. Maturational regression of glomeruli determines the nephron population in normal mice. Zhong J, Perrien DS, Yang HC, Kon V, Fogo AB, Ichikawa I, Ma J (2012) Pediatr Res 72(3): 241-8
    › Primary publication · 22717689 (PubMed) · PMC3605193 (PubMed Central)
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    › Primary publication · 22180660 (PubMed) · PMC3311512 (PubMed Central)
  20. Anti-transforming growth factor ß antibody treatment rescues bone loss and prevents breast cancer metastasis to bone. Biswas S, Nyman JS, Alvarez J, Chakrabarti A, Ayres A, Sterling J, Edwards J, Rana T, Johnson R, Perrien DS, Lonning S, Shyr Y, Matrisian LM, Mundy GR (2011) PLoS One 6(11): e27090
    › Primary publication · 22096521 (PubMed) · PMC3214031 (PubMed Central)
  21. Physiologically relevant oxidative degradation of oligo(proline) cross-linked polymeric scaffolds. Yu SS, Koblin RL, Zachman AL, Perrien DS, Hofmeister LH, Giorgio TD, Sung HJ (2011) Biomacromolecules 12(12): 4357-66
    › Primary publication · 22017359 (PubMed) · PMC3237771 (PubMed Central)
  22. Inhibin A enhances bone formation during distraction osteogenesis. Perrien DS, Nicks KM, Liu L, Akel NS, Bacon AW, Skinner RA, Swain FL, Aronson J, Suva LJ, Gaddy D (2012) J Orthop Res 30(2): 288-95
    › Primary publication · 21809377 (PubMed) · PMC3737578 (PubMed Central)
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    › Primary publication · 21611966 (PubMed) · PMC3312757 (PubMed Central)
  24. Improving bone formation in a rat femur segmental defect by controlling bone morphogenetic protein-2 release. Brown KV, Li B, Guda T, Perrien DS, Guelcher SA, Wenke JC (2011) Tissue Eng Part A 17(13-14): 1735-46
    › Primary publication · 21338268 (PubMed)
  25. Defects in hepatic Notch signaling result in disruption of the communicating intrahepatic bile duct network in mice. Sparks EE, Perrien DS, Huppert KA, Peterson TE, Huppert SS (2011) Dis Model Mech 4(3): 359-67
    › Primary publication · 21282722 (PubMed) · PMC3097457 (PubMed Central)
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  28. Atf4 regulates chondrocyte proliferation and differentiation during endochondral ossification by activating Ihh transcription. Wang W, Lian N, Li L, Moss HE, Wang W, Perrien DS, Elefteriou F, Yang X (2009) Development 136(24): 4143-53
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