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Travis Clark
Last active: 1/22/2013


PhD, Molecular Genetics and Genomics, University of Toronto 2005
MSc, Bioinformatics, The Johns Hopkins University (in progress, expected 2014) 
Postdoctoral Associate, Yale University, 2005-2007
Senior Scientist, Nucleic Acid Applications for nanotechnology/microfluidics, RainDance Technologies, 2007-2008
Senior Research Scientist, Semiconductor-based DNA sequencing development, Ion Torrent Systems 2007-2010



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  1. An integrated semiconductor device enabling non-optical genome sequencing. Rothberg JM, Hinz W, Rearick TM, Schultz J, Mileski W, Davey M, Leamon JH, Johnson K, Milgrew MJ, Edwards M, Hoon J, Simons JF, Marran D, Myers JW, Davidson JF, Branting A, Nobile JR, Puc BP, Light D, Clark TA, Huber M, Branciforte JT, Stoner IB, Cawley SE, Lyons M, Fu Y, Homer N, Sedova M, Miao X, Reed B, Sabina J, Feierstein E, Schorn M, Alanjary M, Dimalanta E, Dressman D, Kasinskas R, Sokolsky T, Fidanza JA, Namsaraev E, McKernan KJ, Williams A, Roth GT, Bustillo J (2011) Nature 475(7356): 348-52
    › Primary publication · 21776081 (PubMed)
  2. Multi-targeted priming for genome-wide gene expression assays. Adomas AB, Lopez-Giraldez F, Clark TA, Wang Z, Townsend JP (2010) BMC Genomics : 477
    › Primary publication · 20716356 (PubMed) · PMC3091673 (PubMed Central)
  3. Quantifying variation in gene expression. Clark TA, Townsend JP (2007) Mol Ecol 16(13): 2613-6
    › Primary publication · 17594433 (PubMed)