Dr. Goldenring has received continuous funding from both the Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Institutes of Health since 1990.  His research interests span multiple topics across the broad area of epithelial biology.  He has been a leader in investigation of the roles of specific roles of Rab small GTPases in regulating vesicle trafficking and membrane recycling in polarized cells.  His recent studies are focused on how these small GTPases and their interacting proteins may regulate cell polarity and the initiation of gastrointestinal cancers.  Dr. Goldenring was also one of the earliest investigators in the field of A-kinase anchoring proteins (AKAPs).  His work has focused on the characterization of a large multiply spliced gene coding for the AKAP350 family of scaffolding proteins.  His work has determined important roles for AKAP350 in the regulation of centrosomal, mitochondrial and Golgi apparatus structure and function.  In addition, his recent work has demonstrated that AKAP350 is an important regulator of RNA trafficking along microtubules.  Dr. Goldenring also is a leader in the field of gastric cancer research focusing on the mechanisms responsible for the induction of metaplasia and specific markers for metaplastic and neoplastic transitions.  Importantly, his recent findings have shown that pre-neoplastic metaplasia does not arise from professional mucosal stem cells, but rather from transdifferentiation of differentiated chief cells into a proliferative metaplasia.  These studies have major implications not only for our understanding of the origin of cancer, but also for the identification of treatment and early detection strategies for gastric cancer.



The following timeline graph is generated from all co-authored publications.

Featured publications are shown below:

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