Meeting Date  Meeting Title Location Presenter
4/22/2020SPRING Meeting9455 MRB IVJulie Bejoy Ph.D.
4/8/2020SPRING Meeting9455 MRB IVBob Coffey, M.D.
3/25/2020SPRING Meeting9455 MRB IVGregor Neuert, Ph.D.
3/11/2020SPRING Meeting9455 MRB IVMichelle Southard-Smith, Ph.D.
2/26/2020SPRING Meeting9455 MRB IVCynthia Reinhart-King, Ph.D.
2/12/2020SPRING Meeting9455 MRB IVJP Cartailler, Ph.D. and Leesa Sampson , Ph.D.
1/29/2020SPRING Meeting9455 MRB IVMaureen Gannon, Ph.D.
1/15/2020SPRING Meeting9455 MRB IVEmily Hodges, Ph.D.
11/20/2019SPRING Meeting9455 MRB IVJim Goldenring, Ph.D.
11/6/2019SPRING Meeting9455 MRB IVCherie Scurrah (Lau Lab)
10/28/2019VCSCB/CDB Seminar Series
Genetic pathways regulating urothelial specification and bladder cancer
1220 MRB IIICathy Mendelson, Ph.D.
10/7/2019VCSCB/CDB Seminar Series
Building and Rebuilding the Retina
1220 MRB IIIMichel Cayouette, Ph.D.
8/28/2019VCSCB Faculty Only Meeting9455 MRB IVNone provided
4/24/2019SPRING Meeting
Non-autonomous induction of epithelial lineage infidelity and hyperplasia by DNA damage
9455 MRB IVLindsey Seldin, Ph.D. (Macara Lab)
4/10/2019SPRING Meeting
“The roles of Sin3A co-regulator in endocrine progenitor and differentiated islet cells”
9455 MRB IVXiao-Dun Yang
4/4/2019EBC / VCSCB TO HOST SYMPOSIUM – APRIL 4, 2019214 LH (9:15-3:45) and 208 LH (4:00-5:00)Hans Clevers, MD, PhD., James Wells, PhD
3/27/2019SPRING Meeting
Screening for Factors that Promote Retinal Regeneration
9455 MRB IVEd Levine, Ph.D.
3/13/2019SPRING Meeting
Multi-pronged approaches for defining the effects of 5-HT signaling on development of autonomic neural progenitors in the lower urinary tract
9455 MRB IVMichelle Southard-Smith, Ph.D.
2/27/2019SPRING Meeting
Creative Data Solutions and Vanderbilt Genome Editing Resource: Recent technology enhancements
9455 MRB IVJP Cartailler, Ph.D. and Leesa Sampson, Ph.D.
2/13/2019SPRING Meeting
Capturing spatiotemporal dynamics of DNA methylation across the chromatin accessible genome during cell fate specification
9455 MRB IVKelly Barnett (Hodges Lab)
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