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Julio Ayala
Last active: 11/24/2018

Meeting Date  Meeting Title Location Presenter
11/14/2017Weekly Meeting809 LHAyala Lab
11/7/2017Weekly Meeting809 LHO'Brien lab
10/17/2017Weekly Meeting809 LHWasserman Lab
10/12/2017special presentation (Curtis Hughey (Wasserman lab)809 LHCurtis Hughey
10/10/2017October 10 meeting809 LHStafford Lab
10/3/2017October 3 meeting809 LHNicholas Mignemi (McGuinness lab)
5/30/2017ADA Presentation PracticeTBDNone provided
4/25/2017MetabIG Meeting - Stafford LaboratoryTBDNone provided
4/18/2017MIG Meeting - New Postdoc in Wasserman Laboratory
Heterogeneous Distribution of Microvascular Blood Flow Contributes to Impaired Skeletal Muscle Oxygenation in Diabetes
TBDMason McClatchey
4/11/2017MetabIG Meeting - Ben FensterheimTBDNone provided
3/28/2017MetabIG Meeting - O'Brien LaboratoryTBDNone provided
3/14/2017MetabIG Meeting - Wasserman Laboratory - Ian WilliamsTBDNone provided
2/28/2017MetabIG Meeting - Abumrad Laboratory
TGR5 contributes to glucoregulatory improvements after vertical sleeve gastrectomy in mice.
TBDVance Albaugh, M.D., Ph.D.
2/14/2017MetabIG Meeting - McGuinness LaboratoryTBDNone provided
1/24/2017MetabIG Meeting - Cherrington LaboratoryTBDNone provided
1/17/2017MetabIG Meeting - O'Brien LabTBDNone provided
1/10/2017MetabIG Meeting - CANCELLEDTBDNone provided
12/13/2016MetabIG Meeting - McGuinness LabCANCELLEDCANCELLED
12/6/2016MetabIG Meeting - Wasserman LabTBDDan Lark
11/29/2016MetabIG Meeting - Stafford LabTBDLin Zhu
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