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Meeting Date Meeting Title  Location Presenter
12/25/2015No Seminar to be held206 Preston Research BuildingN/A
1/1/2016No Seminar to be held206 Preston Research BuildingN/A
11/20/2015No Seminar to be held206 Preston Research BuildingN/A
3/25/2016No Seminar to be held206 Preston Research BuildingN/A
10/20/2015Pediatric Grand Rounds: "Biology of Human Obesity"
Biology of Human Obesity
Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital Theater, Room 2210Rudolph Leibel, M.D.
9/3/2016Shade Tree Clinic Benefit Concert
Donations accepted.
Ingram Hall at the Blair School of Music, VanderbiltThe concert is free.
4/23/2009Shulman Lecture
Cellular mechanisms of insulin resistance: Implications for obesity, lipodystrophy and type 2 diabetes
208 LIght HallGerald I. Shulman, M.D., Ph.D.
3/4/2014Special CME Session
“Enhancer Biology in Disease: Stretch Enhancers in Type 2 Diabetes”
512 Light HallStephen C. J. Parker, Ph.D.
4/28/2017Special DRTC Medical Research Seminar
Adaptation of Islet Cell Function to Replumbing the Gut for Treatment of Obesity: Yin and Yang
214 Light HallMarzieh Salehi, MD
12/1/2011Spiegelman Lecture
Transcriptional Control of Adipogenesis: Toward a New Generation of Therapeutics
208 LIght HallBruce Spiegelman, Ph.D.
5/4/2018Surgical Grand Rounds
Curing Diabetes with Surgery
202 Light HallPhilip R. Schauer, MD, FACS
4/7/2017The Daryl Granner Lectureship
Metabolically Normal and Abnormal Obesity
206 Preston Research BuildingSam Klein, M.D., Granner Lectureship
3/10/2016The David Rabin Lectureship
PTH: Builder and Destroyer of Bone
208 Light HallKenry M. Kronenberg, M.D.
4/15/2016The Oscar Crofford Lectureship
Clinical Islet Transplantation: Where do we go from here?
206 Preston Research BuildingAli Naji, M.D., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
5/25/2017The Oscar Crofford Lectureship
The Future of T1DM Management: From DCCT/EDIC and Beyond
208 Light HallDr. Bernard Zinman, Univ. of Toronto
6/26/2017Tour de Cure Kickoff with The Nashville SoundsFirst Tennessee ParkNone provided
11/21/2013Vanderbilt Diabetes Day 2013
Various - See Agenda below
Vanderbilt Student Life Center, 310 25th Ave. S.Various - See Agenda below
11/16/2017Vanderbilt Diabetes Day 2017Student Life CenterVanderbilt Diabetes Day 2017
4/17/2015Vanderbilt DRTC/CDTR Friday Seminar206 Preston Research BuildingLindsay Mayberry, Ph.D., VUMC
1/10/2014Vanderbilt DRTC Friday Semiar Series
Peripheral and Central actions of the metabolic regulator FGF21
206 Preston Research BuildingTerry Maratos-Flier, M.D.
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