Meeting Date Meeting Title  Location Presenter
12/9/2016DRTC / VIOM Seminar
Transcriptional Regulation of Circadian Rhythms and Metabolism
206 Preston Research BuildingMitchell A. Lazar, M.D., Ph.D., Univ. of Penn
11/13/2015DRTC / VIOM Seminar206 Preston Research BuildingJens Titze
10/9/2015DRTC / VIOM Seminar
Therapeutic Promise of GLP-1 Receptor Modulators
206 Preston Research BuildingKevin D. Niswender, MD, PhD
1/22/2016DRTC / VIOM Seminar
Hypothalamic regulation of energy balance: a neuron-specific perspective
206 Preston Research BuildingDavid Olson, University of Michigan
3/11/2016DRTC / VIOM Seminar
A Novel Class of Lipids with Anti-diabetic and Anti-inflammatory Effects
206 Preston Research BuildingBarbara Kahn, Harvard
5/13/2016DRTC/ VIOM Seminar
That looks good! Brain regulation of appetite in humans.
206 Preston Research BuildingEllen Schur, University of Washington
2/12/2016DRTC/VIOM Seminar
Neuroendocrine Control of Metabolism by FGF21
206 Preston Research BuildingDavid Mangelsdorf, UT Southwestern
3/11/2010Giacomini Lecture
Personalizing Anti-diabetic Drug Therapy
208 LIght HallKathy Giacomini
2/27/2018Grand Rounds - Division of Clinical Pharmacology
The Expanding Spectrum of Primary Aldosteronism
512 Light HallAnand Vaidya, MD, MMSC - Harvard Medical School
10/20/2016Irwin Eskind Lecture in Biomedical Science
208 Light HallJohn W. Kappler, Ph.D.
4/2/2015Irwin Eskind Lecture in Biomedical Science
Human Obesity and Insulin Resistance: lessons from the extremes
208 Light HallSir Stephen O’Rahilly, M.D.
9/24/2016JDRF One WalkBicentennial Capitol Mall State ParkJoin Us. Support Us.
9/30/2017JDRF One Walk 2017Bicentennial MallJuvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
2/21/2013Kahn Lecture
Insulin, Diabetes, and the Control of Brain Metabolism
208 Light HallC. Ronald Kahn, M.D.
8/18/2016Medicine Grand Rounds
Population Health: What is it and what are we doing about it?
208 Light HallRussell Rothman, M.D., M.P.P.
10/2/2008Melton Lecture
Making pancreatic β cells for diabetics
208 LIght HallDouglas A. Melton, Ph.D.
9/22/2015Metabolism Interest Group8455 MRB IVNone provided
9/29/2015Metabolism Interest Group8455 MRB IVNone provided
11/11/2015MP&B Student-Selected Faculty Seminar
Interaction of Physiological Mechanisms in Control of Glucose Metabolism
206 Preston Research BuildingDavid H. Wasserman, Ph.D.
2/4/2017Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia SeminarVanderbilt Medical Center East South Tower, Conference Rooms 8380 A and BTo register: email
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