Meeting Date  Meeting Title Location Presenter
5/19/20222022 VCSCB Symposium - Stem Cell States and TransitionsWilson Hall Auditorium & LobbyNone provided
5/4/2022SPRING MeetingTBDEunyoung Choi, Ph.D.
4/20/2022SPRING Meeting
A Discussion of Two Interesting Papers
ZoomChris Wright, D. Phil.
4/6/2022SPRING Meeting
“New biomaterials for neovascularization, and a vision for leveraging them to enhance regenerative medicine initiatives at Vanderbilt University”
ZoomEthan Lippmann, Ph.D.
3/23/2022SPRING Meeting
Modeling human kidney injury starting from iPSC: from podocytes to human kidney organoids
ZoomLauren Woodard, Ph.D.
3/9/2022SPRING Meeting
“Resolving genetic networks that regulate progenitor properties during early retinal development”
ZoomEd Levine, Ph.D.
2/23/2022SPRING Meeting
“Developmental programming of postnatal beta-cell proliferation and function”
ZoomGuoqiang Gu, Ph.D.
2/9/2022SPRING Meeting
“Biochemistry of the Wnt pathway”
ZoomEthan Lee, Ph.D.
1/26/2022SPRING Meeting
“A Self-Limiting Circuit Regulates Mammary Cap Cell Plasticity”
ZoomIan Macara, Ph.D.
12/15/2021SPRING Meeting
See description
ZoomLeah Caplan and Mirazul Islam, Graduate Students
12/1/2021SPRING Meeting
“Regulation of RPE fate and proliferation during development and after injury in the mature mouse eye”
ZoomSabine Fuhrmann, Ph.D.
11/17/2021SPRING Meeting
See below
ZoomLinh Trinh and Justin Avila, Graduate Students
11/3/2021SPRING Meeting
Cellular plasticity and stability in gut health and disease
ZoomKen Lau, Ph.D.
10/6/2021SPRING Meeting
Quantitative Dissection of Progenitor Cell Signaling in Brain Development
ZoomRebecca Ihrie, Ph.D.
9/22/2021SPRING Meeting
Co-operative Design with VGER – Real-Life Experience with Protein Tagging
ZoomChris Wright, D.Phil. and Leesa Sampson, Ph.D.
9/8/2021SPRING Meeting
Cell physiology in kinetic environments
ZoomGregor Neuert, Ph.D.
8/25/2021VCSCB Faculty Only MeetingZoom - TBDMark Magnuson, M.D.
4/21/2021SPRING Meeting
Fibroblast fate determination by remodeling fibroblast cytoskeleton during cardiac reprogramming
ZoomYoung-Jae Nam, Ph.D.
4/7/2021SPRING Meeting
See below for titles
ZoomAlejandra Romero and Gabriella Robertson
3/24/2021SPRING Meeting
“Activators of Müller Glia During Retina Regeneration”
ZoomJames G. Patton, Ph.D.
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