Meeting Date Meeting Title Location Presenter 
2/26/2015Flexner Discovery Lecture Series
Acculturation: What Immigrants Teach Us About Being American
208 Light HallElena Fuentes-Afflick, MD, MPH
11/1/2016MetabIG Meeting - Wasserman LabTBDElijah Trefts
3/20/2018Weekly Meeting809 LHElijah Trefts (Wasserman Lab)
2/9/2012SPRING Meeting
Molecular and Functional Profiles of VSMCs Based on Embryonic Origin
9455 MRB IVElise Pfaltzgraff (Labosky Lab)
7/16/2014Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
efining the interrelationship between MafA and MafB in postnatal β-cell formation and function
512 Light HallElizabeth Conrad (Stein)
1/9/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Weekly Seminar
The role of MafB in the maturation and maintenance of islet β-cells
512 Light HallElizabeth Conrad (Stein lab)
5/25/2018DRTC Friday Seminar Series (Granner Lecture)
Therapies to Reduce the Burden of NAFLD in Humans
206 Preston Research BuildingElizabeth J. Parks, PhD, University of Missouri
7/9/20152015 Weinstein Lectureship
Hypoglycemia - the Dark side of Diabetes Treatment
208 Light HallElizabeth R. Seaquist, M.D.
5/13/2016DRTC/ VIOM Seminar
That looks good! Brain regulation of appetite in humans.
206 Preston Research BuildingEllen Schur, University of Washington
2/11/2016Flexner Discovery Lecture Series
Deciphering the Dynamics of the Unconscious Brain Under General Anesthesia
208 Light HallEmery Brown, M.D., Ph.D.
1/19/2018DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Key Antigen Presenting Events During the Initiation of Diabetic Autoimmunity
206 Preston Research BuildingEmil Unanue, MD, Washington University St. Louis
1/29/2020SPRING Meeting
Quantifying epigenetic and transcriptional activities across the chromatin accessible genome of differentiating cells
9455 MRB IVEmily Hodges, Ph.D.
11/2/2016SPRING Meeting
"Using DNA methylation to decipher the gene regulatory architecture of cell fate specification”
9455 MRB IVEmily Hodges, Ph.D.
10/12/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Examples of how MafA and MafB can influence human β cells
512 Light HallEmily M. Walker, PhD (Stein lab)
6/26/2019Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk
Insight into the roles of the MAFA and MAFB transcription factors in human β cells
512 Light HallEmily M. Walker (Stein lab)
4/25/2018Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
The S64F MAFA mutation causes strikingly different physiological phenotypes in males and females
512 Light HallEmily Walker (Stein lab)
9/3/2014Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
Morphogenesis and Differentiation in the Pancreatic Endocrine Progenitor Niche
512 Light HallEric Bankaitis (Wright)
12/12/2012Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Weekly Seminar
Endocrine progenitor dynamics and Notch signaling function during the secondary transition of mouse pancreas development
512 Light HallEric Bankaitis (Wright lab)
4/28/2016Flexner Discovery Lecture Series
Imaging Life at High Spatiotemporal Resolution
208 Light HallEric Betzig, Ph.D.
5/6/2020Beta Cell interest Group (BIG) Talk512 Light HallEric Donahue (Gannon Lab)
4/30/2015Flexner Discovery Lecture Series208 Light HallEric I. Knudsen, PhD
3/4/2020Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk512 Light HallErick Spears (Powers Lab)
2/23/2018DRTC Friday Seminar Series (VCAR Lecture)
Neural Vulnerability Factors that Increase Risk for Future Weight Gain and Approaches for Reducing These Vulnerability Factors
206 Preston Research BuildingEric Stice, PhD, Oregon Research Institute
10/23/2015DRTC Friday Seminar Series206 Preston Research BuildingErnesto Bernal-Mizrachi, M.D., Univ. of Michigan
1/26/2015ChBE Faculty Candidate Seminar - Ethan Lippman, Ph.D.
Neurovascular Models Constructed from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
4327 Steveson CenterEthan Lippmann, Ph.D.
4/18/2018SPRING Meeting
Neurovascular modeling and biological discovery with human iPSCs
9455MRB IVEthan Lippmann, Ph.D.
1/13/2016SPRING Meeting
Defined routes to region-specific human motor neurons
9455 MRB IVEthan Lippmann, Ph.D.
10/24/2013SPRING Meeting
Active Kras in gastric chief cells rapidly produces and transdifferentiates into metaplasia
9455 MRB IVEunyoung Choi (Goldenring Lab)
11/7/2018SPRING Meeting
Heterogeneity and dynamics of active Kras-induced pre-neoplastic lineages from mouse stomach
9455 MRB IVEunyoung Choi, Ph.D.
4/19/2017SPRING Meeting
“Understanding the cellular heterogeneity and tumorigenic potential of metaplasia “
9455 MRB IVEunyoung Choi, Ph.D.
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