Meeting Date Meeting Title Location Presenter 
1/15/2016DRTC / CDTR Seminar
Clinical Outcomes with Treatment Intensification After Metformin for Diabetes
206 Preston Research BuildingChristianne Roumie, VUMC
10/11/2013Vanderbilt DRTC Friday Seminar Series
An integrated view of the role of brain insulin signaling in nutrient partitioning and innate immunity
206 Preston Research BuildingChristoph Buettner, Ph.D.
2/15/2017Biostatistics Seminar
From discordance to discovery in diabetes and beyond
MRB III, Room 1220Christopher J. Lindsell, Ph.D.
6/10/2015Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
Rescue of Glucose Inhibition of Glucagon Secretion by Clustering of Islet Cells
512 Light HallChristopher Reissaus (Piston's lab)
1/8/2016DRTC Friday Seminar Series206 Preston Research BuildingChristy Carter-Su, Ph.D., University of Michigan
1/16/2019SPRING Meeting
Barcoding of mammalian cells using homing CRISPR
9455 MRB IVChris Wright, D. Phil.
2/14/2013SPRING Meeting
New Insights and Tools in Pancreatic Cell Programming/Reprogramming [or: How we learned to stop worrying and ♥ the data.]
9455 MRB IVChris Wright, D.Phil.
11/9/2018DRTC Friday Seminar SeriesLight Hall 415Chris Wright, PhD
3/20/2015Vanderbilt DRTC Friday Seminar Series206 Preston Research BuildingChuck Burant, M.D., Ph.D.
1/27/2016SPRING Meeting
Leveraging Single-Cell Data to Define Cell Differentiation Transitions
9455 MRB IVChuck Herring
3/8/2017SPRING Meeting
Leveraging Single-Cell Data to Define Cell Differentiation Transitions with p-Creode
9455 MRB IVChuck Herring (Ken Lau Lab)
2/23/2012SPRING Meeting9455 MRB IVChuck Williams (Hong Lab)
3/27/2015Vanderbilt DRTC Friday Seminar Series206 Preston Research BuildingClay Semenkovich, M.D.
2/9/2018DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Contribution of Immune Bioenergetic to Type 1 Diabetes Pathogenesis
206 Preston Research BuildingClayton Mathews, PhD, The University of Florida
5/9/2014Vanderbilt DRTC Friday Seminar Series206 Preston Research BuildingCommencement - no seminar
2/3/2017DRTC / CDTR Seminar
Improving diabetes care for vulnerable populations
206 Preston Research BuildingConsuelo Wilkins, M.D.
5/21/2019Center for Matrix Biology Seminar - Corina Borza, PhDMCN C-2303Corina Borza, PhD
9/15/2017DRTC Friday Seminar Series (CDTR Lecture)
Diabetes during Pregnancy
206 Preston Research BuildingCornelia R. Graves, MD, TMFM
9/28/2018DRTC Friday Seminar Series
The role of AMP-activated protein kinase in cellular low glucose sensing and whole body hypoglycaemia counterregulation
206 Preston Research BuildingCraig Beall, PhD
5/5/2016Flexner Discovery Lecture Series
Linking Metabolism to Stem Cell Maintenance
208 Light HallCraig B. Thompson, M.D.
4/25/2014Vanderbilt DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Local Gene Silencing to Promote Skin Wound Vascularization and Repair
206 Preston Research BuildingCraig L. Duvall, Ph.D.
2/21/2013Kahn Lecture
Insulin, Diabetes, and the Control of Brain Metabolism
208 Light HallC. Ronald Kahn, M.D.
11/7/2018Metabolism Interest GroupLH 809Curt Gabriel
9/20/2016Metabolism Interest Group (METABIG)LH 809Curtis C. Hughey
1/23/2019Cancelled - Metabolism Interest GroupLH 809Curtis Hughey
10/12/2017special presentation (Curtis Hughey (Wasserman lab)809 LHCurtis Hughey
3/16/2018DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Methyltransferase-Mediated Metabolic Reprogramming: Implications in Liver Steatosis and Cancer
206 Preston Research BuildingCurtis Hughey, PhD, Vanderbilt University
10/7/2016DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Cardiometabolic Syndrome in African American Women: Impact of CD36 Genetic Variant
206 Preston Research BuildingCyndya A. Shibao, M.D., VUMC
12/19/2017Center for Matrix Biology SeminarC2303 MCNCynthia A Reinhart-King, Vanderbilt
2/26/2020SPRING Meeting
Mechanobiology of the tumor microenvironment: from angiogenesis to metastasis
9455 MRB IVCynthia Reinhart-King, Ph.D.
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