Meeting Date Meeting Title  Location Presenter
9/8/2017DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Pancreatic Islet Biology, Function, and Dysfunction: Surprises and Lessons for Diabetes
206 Preston Research BuildingAlvin C. Powers, MD, Vanderbilt University
1/11/2019DRTC Friday Seminar Series206 Preston Research BuildingMatthias Kretzler, MD
2/9/2018DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Contribution of Immune Bioenergetic to Type 1 Diabetes Pathogenesis
206 Preston Research BuildingClayton Mathews, PhD, The University of Florida
4/26/2019DRTC Friday Seminar Series206 Preston Research BuildingDavid Jacobson, PhD
10/28/2016DRTC Friday Seminar Series
An adipose microRNA/STAT1 axis regulates insulin sensitivity
206 Preston Research BuildingSean M. Hartig, Ph.D., Baylor College of Medicine
9/25/2015DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Macrophage Metabolism and Inflammation in Obesity
206 Preston Research BuildingLiza Makowski, Ph.D., UNC-Chapel Hill
2/16/2018DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Glucagon-like Peptide-1 Receptor Signaling Inhibits Allergic Airway Inflammation
206 Preston Research BuildingRay Stokes Peebles, Jr., MD
2/24/2017DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Growth Hormone Secretion, Another Off Target Effect of DPP4 Inhibitor Therapies?
206 Preston Research BuildingJessica Devin, M.D., VUMC
3/9/2018DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Impaired Wound Healing in Diabetes
206 Preston Research BuildingAristidis Veves, MD, DSc, Harvard University
11/3/2017DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Age-Related Decline in Adipose Tissue Plasticity: A Determinant of Systemic Insulin Resistance?
206 Preston Research BuildingMatthew Steinhauser, MD, Harvard University
10/5/2018DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Lipid mediators of insulin resistance in alcoholic liver disease
206 Preston Research BuildingRotonya Carr, MD
4/14/2017DRTC Friday Seminar Series
The molecular mechanisms of beta-cell maturation and functional maintenance
206 Preston Research BuildingGuoqiang Gu, Ph.D., Vanderbilt
10/23/2015DRTC Friday Seminar Series206 Preston Research BuildingErnesto Bernal-Mizrachi, M.D., Univ. of Michigan
10/30/2015DRTC Friday Seminar Series206 Preston Research BuildingBruce Damon
9/23/2016DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Expanding the frontiers of human pancreas biology; implications for diabetes and pancreas cancer research
206 Preston Research BuildingSeung K. Kim, M.D., Ph.D., Stanford
3/2/2018DRTC Friday Seminar Series
“The Interplay Between The CNS and Insulin in the Regulation of Hepatic Glucose Disposition”
206 Preston Research BuildingAlan Cherrington, PhD, Vanderbilt University
5/4/2018DRTC Friday Seminar Series
The Triglyceride Synthesis Enzyme, DGAT1, as a Central Regulator of Energy Balance and Behavior
206 Preston Research BuildingCarrie Grueter, PhD, Vanderbilt University
10/21/2016DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Endocrine Control of Carbohydrate Homeostasis By the Liver
206 Preston Research BuildingMatthew J. Potthoff, Ph.D., Univ. of Iowa
12/2/2016DRTC Friday Seminar Series
CD8+ T Cells Promote the Activation of Hepatic Stellate Cells in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
206 Preston Research BuildingAiron Kennedy, Ph.D., VU SOM
4/24/2015DRTC Friday Seminar Series
The Liver and Insulin Loading
206 Preston Research BuildingGenie Moore, Ph.D., VUMC
5/6/2016DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Oxidative Stress Mechanisms Underlying Heart Failure in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus and the Potential of Neuregulin-1β as a Novel Therapeutic
206 Preston Research BuildingMichael Hill, VUMC
4/27/2018DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase as a Therapeutic Target for Diabetic Nephropathy
206 Preston Research BuildingTakamune Takahashi, MD, PhD, Vanderbilt University
3/8/2019DRTC Friday Seminar Series206 Preston Research BuildingAlessandro Bartolomucci, PhD
1/19/2018DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Key Antigen Presenting Events During the Initiation of Diabetic Autoimmunity
206 Preston Research BuildingEmil Unanue, MD, Washington University St. Louis
1/20/2017DRTC Friday Seminar Series206 Preston Research BuildingNone provided
10/12/2018DRTC Friday Seminar Series206 Preston Research BuildingSenad Divanovic, PhD
1/8/2016DRTC Friday Seminar Series206 Preston Research BuildingChristy Carter-Su, Ph.D., University of Michigan
2/10/2017DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Developing a pipeline to address the global obesity pandemic
206 Preston Research BuildingKevin Grove, Ph.D.,VP ObesityResearch-Novo Nordisk
2/17/2017DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Role of the BET Bromodomain Epigentic Reader Proteins in Inflammation and Metabolism
206 Preston Research BuildingJonathan D. Brown, M.D.
3/10/2017DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Constructing Neural Architecture for Metabolic Regulation
206 Preston Research BuildingRichard Simerly, Ph.D., Vanderbilt
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