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About the DRTC

The Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center (DRTC)
is a NIH-sponsored Diabetes Center that facilitates the discovery, application, and translation of scientific knowledge to improve the lives of people with diabetes.
The DRTC highlights the research of its members by brief videos. Click here » to watch DRTC members describing his/her research.

Employment Opportunities for Faculty and Postdocs

Telemedicine simplifies gestational diabetes treatment
Video conferencing technology allows patients diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus more options for care.

Kevin Niswender, MD, PhD has been named Clinical Research Center Director at Vanderbilt University Medical Center
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2018 American Association for the Advancement of Science elected fellows from Vanderbilt
Dr. David Wasserman, Dr. Richard Simerly, and Dr. Bruce Damon were elected to the 2018 AAAS Fellows. There are now 129 current and emeritus faculty from Vanderbilt that have received this honor. 


2017 NIDDK summer research student, Ashley Duhon, shares her motivations for studying medicine and researching diabetes.


Pancreatic islets study may spur diabetes treatment advances
Investigators in the Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center (VDRTC) and collaborators at Stanford University have discovered new insights into the molecular mechanisms of cell proliferation in juvenile human pancreatic islets, information that could lead to new treatments for diabetes.

Gifts highlight strong, lasting bonds between

patients and healers
Gratitude and validation: Michael Fowler, M.D.
An enduring tribute: Shubhada Jagasia, M.D., MMHC
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The Vanderbilt Center for Diabetes Translation Research (CDTR)
and it cores provide services to investigators
with externally funded, diabetes-related
translational research.
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Research Headlines

Featured Investigator:


David H. Wasserman, PhD

Annie Mary Lyle Chair
Professor, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
Director, Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center
Research Specialty:
Insulin and glucagon regulation

Dr. Wasserman and his lab study animal models of metabolism via physical exercise, insulin stimulation, and diet. 

Featured Article:

Cellular calcium handling in diabetes

David Wasserman, Ph.D., and graduate student Ian Williams have discovered how insulin moves through blood vessels and enters the skeletal muscle. This discovery could allow researchers to develop new methods of reversing insulin resistance. 


Attend one of our upcoming meetings or seminars! Note that this calendar includes the BIG and MetabIG series!
When and where Topic and related details
Feb. 19
4:00 PM
C-2303 MCN
Vanderbilt Immuno-Metabolism & Metabolic Disease Presentation
Dr. Henrique Serezani
MicroRNA 21 and glycolysis during sepsis in diabetic mice
Feb. 20
3:30 AM
809 LH
Weekly Meeting
Tomasz Bednarski (Young Lab)
Feb. 23
12:00 PM
206 Preston Research Building
DRTC Friday Seminar Series (VCAR Lecture)
Eric Stice, PhD, Oregon Research Institute
Neural Vulnerability Factors that Increase Risk for Future Weight Gain and Approaches for Reducing These Vulnerability Factors
Feb. 28
9:00 AM
512 Light Hall
Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) talks
Mar. 2
12:00 PM
206 Preston Research Building
DRTC Friday Seminar Series
Alan Cherrington, PhD, Vanderbilt University
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The Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center is supported by NIH grant DK20593.

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