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Vu ILAR CodePageVu, ILAR, cryopreserved, VCMR, repository16156
Vanderbilt Cryopreserved Mouse RepositoryPageCryopreserved, VCMR, Repository, Mouse, Cryopreservation15874
TMESCSR Sharing PlanPageSharing, NIH, Policy15134
TMESCSR Rederivation Options for Incoming ShipmentPagetransfer, sperm, rederivation, IVF, embryo1354
TMESCSR policy on guaranteesPageTMESCSR, policies, guarantees, authentication427
TMESCSR operational policiesPageTMESCSR, operational policies, acknowledgments425
TMESCSR mouse tailing and retailing policiesPagetailing, policy, mice, ear punch290
TMESCSR communication policiesPageTMESCSR, policy, letters of support, communications426
TMESCSR billing policiesPageTMESCSR, policies, billing428
The TMESCSR now offers gene-editing project design, founder screening, and founder analysis. Contact us for a consultation and estimate.Pagefounder analysis, project design, founder screening15219
The TMESCSR and Center for Stem Cell Biology welcomes new Senior Staff Scientist, Leesa Sampson.Pagestaff scientist, project design, founder screening, Founder Analysis15218
Thawing spermProtocolmouse sperm, cryo straws, cryo vials420
Thawing embryosProtocolJAX slow freeze, cryo straws, cryo vials, 8 cell mouse embryos421
Targeting vector linearizationProtocolrestriction enzyme digest, phenol chloroform, ethanol precipitation475
Sperm or Embryo CryopreservationServicesperm, cryopreservation, mouse, embryo407
Rodent PCR PanelProtocolpathogen screening, ES cells, DAC1578
Rederivation and cryopreservation optionsProtocolsperm cryopreservation, embryo cryopreservation, embryo retrieval489
Quantitation of transgene copy numberProtocolcopy number505
Purification of DNA for pronuclear microinjectionProtocolpronuclear, microinjection, DNA300
Puregene DNA isolation from tailsProtocoltails, mouse, DNA extraction370
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