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Vanderbilt Diabetes: Type 1 - TrialNetPagediabetes, research
Vanderbilt Diabetes: Tour de Cure 2016PageVanderbilt Tour de Cure, volunteer, ride, donate, Diabetes, support, American Diabetes Association, ADA
Vanderbilt Diabetes: MedTalksPageMedTalks, video
Vanderbilt Diabetes: Community OutreachPagediabetes, outreach, community
Vanderbilt Diabetes: 2016 Tour de CurePageVanderbilt Tour de Cure, diabetes, diabetes research
Vanderbilt Clinical Trials Online DatabasePagediabetes, trials, clinical trials
Vanderbilt Center for Medical Weight LossPageweight gain, Weight Reduction Programs, Weight Loss
The Oscar Crofford Lectureship: 2016Page
Shovel Award 2014Pageawards
P&F Grant GuidelinesPageDRTC, Grant, Pilot & Feasibility
October 2015 - NIDDK Symposium - 5Pageimage
October 2015 - NIDDK Symposium - 4Page
October 2015 - NIDDK Symposium - 3Page
October 2015 - NIDDK Symposium - 2Page
October 2014 - Walter Chazin Lab - 4Pageimage
October 2014 - Walter Chazin - 1Pageimage
Living History: Charles Rawlinson ParkPageVUMC history, diabetes
January 2015 - John Stafford Lab - 3Pageimage
January 2015 - John Stafford Lab - 2Pageimage
January 2015 - John Stafford Lab - 1Pageimage
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