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Thaw Sperm in VialsProtocolsperm, cryo vials, thawing, vials15696
Thaw Sperm in StrawsProtocolCryo straws, straws, sperm, thawing15697
Thaw Embryos in VialsProtocolvials, 8-cell, cryopreserved, embryos, cryo vials15694
Thaw Embryos in StrawsProtocol2-cell, straws, cryopreserved, embryos, cryo straws, thawing15695
IVF ProtocolProtocolin vitro fertilization, IVF15699
IVF CARD Protocol (Preferred Method)ProtocolCARD, in vitro fertilization, Rederivation, IVF15698
CD1;129S6-Nepntm1(Cherry)Mgn/VuMouse StrainNephrocan, mCherry, RFP, fluorescent reporter, Mgn2634
C.129X1-Efna1tm1Jinc/VuMouse StrainEfna1, Ephrin-A115885
C.129S6-Ptger3tm1.1Brey/VuMouse Strainprostaglandin E receptor subtype 3, Ptger3, EP3, floxEP3, Balb/c, Brey16466
C.129S6-Ptger2tm1Brey/VuMouse StrainProstaglandin E, Ptger 2, EP2 null, Brey16467
B6;Zfp92em1Mgn/VuMouse Strainzinc finger protein 92, Zfp92, Zfp, Mgn, NHEJ, Knockout, Magnuson, CRISPR16514
B6;Zfp800em1Mgn/VuMouse Strainzinc finger protein 800, Zfp, zinc finger, Mgn, Zfp800, NHEJ, Knockout, Magnuson, CRISPR16915
B6;Zfp329em1Mgn/VuMouse StrainZinc Finger, Zfp329, Mgn, NHEJ, Knockout, Magnuson, CRISPR16512
B6;Zfhx4em1Mgn/VuMouse StrainZfhx4, Zfp, zinc finger, CRISPR, NHEJ, Knockout, Mgn, Magnuson16511
B6.STOCK-Dnpepem1Dlp/VuMouse StrainDnpep, aspartyl aminopeptidase, Knockout, CRISPR15944
B6.Spp1em1/VuMouse StrainFloxed allele, Spp1, Osteopontin16976
B6.Slc3a1em1/VuMouse Strainsolute carrier family 3, member 1, Slc3a1, Knockout16895
B6.Nfe2l2tm1/VuMouse Strainnrf2, Nrf2 Flox, Nef2 loxP, Nrf2 floxed full neo16910
B6.Nfe2l2tm1.1/VuMouse StrainNrf2l2 Neo Cut Homozygous, Nrf2, Nfe2l2, knockout, targeted mutation16911
B6N;Fam120btm1a(EUCOMM)Hmgu/Macara/VuMouse StrainFam120b, nuclease, Senataxin, interstrand crosslinks, Macara, DNA repair16871
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