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2007 Vanderbilt Scholars in DiabetesPagediabetes scholars2828
2006 Vanderbilt Scholars in DiabetesPagediabetes scholars2829
129S6.Cg-Ptger2tm1Brey/VuMouse StrainBrey, Ptger2, EP2 null, Prostaglandin E16469
129S6.Cg-Gcktm3Mgn/VuMouse Strainglucokinase, Gck, PHHI, gckA456V, Mgn510
129S6.Cg-Gcktm2Mgn/VuMouse Strainglucokinase, Gck, gckK414E, MODY, Mgn511
129S1; Myo1atm1Mtys/VuMouse StrainMyosin 1A, Mtys, knockout16868
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