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Vascular MorphologyPage11156
Urine pHPage11163
Urine Na/KPage11160
Urine Ca/Phosphorus ExcretionPage11162
Tissue Specific Glucose UptakePage11136
Tissue Specific Fatty Acid UptakePage11137
Tissue Preparation, Embedding, Sectioning and Routine StainingPage11119
Tissue MicrodissectionPage11120
Spontaneous Exercise ActivityPage11140
Screen/Optimize Immunohistochemical Protocols for Mouse-Specific Commercial and Custom-designed AntiseraPage11121
Renal Blood Flow (Doppler)Page11159
Perfusion-Fixation/Histopathology/Quantify SclerosisPage11157
Osmometer Plasma/UrinePage11161
MMPC Glucose Clamping the Conscious Mouse CoursePage11171
Metabolic Response to ExercisePage11139
Measurement of Insulin Secretion by Pancreatic IsletsPage11147
Measurement of Blood PressurePage11155
Lipids ServicesPage11107
Lipids - Quantitation of Individual Phospholipid ClassesPage11111
Lipids - Plasma Short Chain Fatty Acid Analysis by Gas Liquid ChromatographyPage11106
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