This is a non-departmental seminar series that features faculty, postdoctoral fellows and students who have a common interest in the biology of pancreatic beta cells.  If you are interested in joining the Beta Cell Interest Group community, or attend the BIG seminars, please contact David Jacobson.

Participating laboratories currently include those of:

  • Richard Breyer
  • Wenbiao Chen
  • Maureen Gannon
  • Guoqiang Gu
  • David Jacobson
  • Irina Kaverina
  • Mark Magnuson
  • Anna Means
  • Richard O'Brien
  • Al Powers
  • Roland Stein
  • Chris Wright


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beta cell BIG Bile Ducts, Intrahepatic Blood Glucose Central Nervous System Diabetes Dopamine Fasting Female Gene Targeting Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 6 Homeodomain Proteins Insulin Ion Channels Male Mutant Proteins Neural Stem Cells Nuclear Proteins Pancreas Potassium Channels Proteins Receptor, Insulin Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction Tamoxifen Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha