Labnodes is a web-accessible, user-controlled database that has been built in response to the refreshing of the Basic Science Strategic Plan in 2008.  Labnodes provides Vanderbilt faculty, staff and trainees with a powerful tool that will enhance communication, facilitate sharing of reagents and knowledge, and streamline regulatory compliance. The vision for this project was to build a platform that will "connect the dots" between people, communities, resources and publications, and to provide this information to users via intuitive, dashboard-type views.

The Labnodes Advisory Committee (LAC), previously the Advisory Committee, is responsible for reviewing overall progress, recommending additional enhancements, and facilitating University-wide support when access to the system is opened up to the entire University.

Current members of the committee are:

  • Randy Blakely
  • Keith Dance
  • Ron Emeson
  • Scott Hiebert
  • Billy Hudson
  • David Piston
  • Al Powers
  • Bill Tansey
  • Kevin Johnson
  • Bill Snyder
  • Peter Rousos
  • Susan Wente (chair)
  • John Manning (ex officio)

Community Leaders

Contact Information

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