This CORE provides a valuable resource for all investigators (internal and external to Vanderbilt) who do not have ready access to personnel with the training and expertise in state-of-the-science nutrition/diet methodology & body composition & metabolism methods to obtain valid and reliable  assessment and analyses of dietary intakes, nutritional status, body composition and metabolism. Our full website is available at:

Our most often used services include:

  • research design consultation for nutrition, diet, body composition and physical activity methods
  • recruitment (we have a registry of >2800 adults)
  • 24hr diet recalls and analysis of dietary intake
  • CT image analysis for skeletal muscle and adipose tissue
  • comprehensive nutrition assessment
  • medical nutrition therapy
  • nutrition, diet and physical activity (aerobic and resistance exercise) interventions


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Contact Information

The Diet, Body Composition and Metabolism CORE is housed in the Vanderbilt Center for Human Nutrition
1211 21st Avenue
514 Medical Arts Building (MAB)
Nashville, TN 37232-2315
(615) 875-9355 (p)

Heidi Silver
615-875-9355 (p)


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