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    › Primary publication · 24599242 (PubMed)
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  5. "I'm ready to eat and grab whatever I can get": Determinants and patterns of African American men's eating practices. Griffith DM, Wooley AM, Allen JO (2013) Health Promot Pract 14(2): 181-8
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  7. "She looks out for the meals, period": African American men's perceptions of how their wives influence their eating behavior and dietary health. Allen JO, Griffith DM, Gaines HC (2013) Health Psychol 32(4): 447-55
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  14. YOUR Blessed Health: an HIV-prevention program bridging faith and public health communities. Griffith DM, Campbell B, Allen JO, Robinson KJ, Stewart SK (2010) Public Health Rep : 4-11
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