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My research focuses on a number of efforts key to my goal in advancing therapy of melanoma.  These have focused on several areas.

First, studies of the mechanisms of resistance to MAPkinase inhibition (the foremost approach to treat patients with BRAF V600 mutant melanoma to develop better therapies.

Second developing targeted therapeutics for BRAF WT melanoma (NRAS mutant and others with so far undefined mutations to target therapy). Part of this effort has been to identify a significant number of patients whose melanoma has atypical (non-V600) BRAF mutations or a fusion (joining) of  BRAF gene to another gene which allows activation of the BRAF gene by eliminating a portion of the gene that regulates its enzyme activity. In addition to these efforts which have both led to clinical trials, I am leading a multi-institutional effort to understand the genetic and molecular underpinnings of a rare melanoma that originates from both the palms of hand and soles of the feet (acral melanoma). These have a higher percentage of melanomas without BRAF or NRAS mutations (>65%). Finally working with a soon-to-be junior faculty we have begun to look at the relationship between the genetic alterations in the tumor and the response to immunotherapy. Immunotherapy has entered center stage in therapy of  melanoma, lung cancer, and  renal cell cancer with a large number of durable remissions. However, we have no way to select patients for the new immune agents and we believe cancer genetics can assist in that essential effort.


The following timeline graph is generated from all co-authored publications.

Featured publications are shown below:

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