We are particularly interested in tumor- microenvironment interactions in primary and metastatic tumors of the liver.


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  1. Host and tumor derived MMP13 regulate extravasation and establishment of colorectal metastases in the liver. Mendonsa AM, VanSaun MN, Ustione A, Piston DW, Fingleton BM, Gorden DL (2015) Mol Cancer : 49
    › Primary publication · 25880591 (PubMed) · PMC4351934 (PubMed Central)
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  3. Management of portal vein thrombosis after liver transplantation with a combined open and endovascular approach. Kensinger CD, Sexton KW, Baron CM, Lipnik AJ, Meranze SG, Gorden DL (2015) Liver Transpl 21(1): 132-4
    › Primary publication · 25262999 (PubMed)
  4. Importance of conserving middle hepatic vein distal branches for homogeneous regeneration of the left liver after right hepatectomy. Faitot F, Vibert E, Salloum C, Gorden DL, Coscas F, Adam R, Castaing D (2012) HPB (Oxford) 14(11): 746-53
    › Primary publication · 23043663 (PubMed) · PMC3482670 (PubMed Central)
  5. Increased metastases are associated with inflammation and matrix metalloproteinase-9 activity at incision sites in a murine model of peritoneal dissemination of colorectal cancer. Lee IK, Vansaun MN, Shim JH, Matrisian LM, Gorden DL (2013) J Surg Res 180(2): 252-9
    › Primary publication · 22763216 (PubMed)
  6. Increased diacylglycerols characterize hepatic lipid changes in progression of human nonalcoholic fatty liver disease; comparison to a murine model. Gorden DL, Ivanova PT, Myers DS, McIntyre JO, VanSaun MN, Wright JK, Matrisian LM, Brown HA (2011) PLoS One 6(8): e22775
    › Primary publication · 21857953 (PubMed) · PMC3153459 (PubMed Central)
  7. Impact of bevacizumab on functional recovery and histology of the liver after resection of colorectal metastases. Wicherts DA, de Haas RJ, Sebagh M, Saenz Corrales E, Gorden DL, Lévi F, Paule B, Azoulay D, Castaing D, Adam R (2011) Br J Surg 98(3): 399-407
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  8. Rapid extravasation and establishment of breast cancer micrometastases in the liver microenvironment. Martin MD, Kremers GJ, Short KW, Rocheleau JV, Xu L, Piston DW, Matrisian LM, Gorden DL (2010) Mol Cancer Res 8(10): 1319-27
    › Primary publication · 20724460 (PubMed) · PMC2981168 (PubMed Central)
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  12. Utility or futility of prognostic scoring systems for colorectal liver metastases in an era of advanced multimodal therapy. Gregoire E, Hoti E, Gorden DL, de la Serna S, Pascal G, Azoulay D (2010) Eur J Surg Oncol 36(6): 568-74
    › Primary publication · 20413243 (PubMed)
  13. High fat diet induced hepatic steatosis establishes a permissive microenvironment for colorectal metastases and promotes primary dysplasia in a murine model. VanSaun MN, Lee IK, Washington MK, Matrisian L, Gorden DL (2009) Am J Pathol 175(1): 355-64
    › Primary publication · 19541928 (PubMed) · PMC2708821 (PubMed Central)
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  15. Prognostic value of CEA and CA 19-9 tumor markers combined with cytology from peritoneal fluid in colorectal cancer. Lee IK, Kim DH, Gorden DL, Lee YS, Sung NY, Park GS, Kim HJ, Kang WK, Park JK, Ahn CH, Kim JG, Jeon HM, Oh ST (2009) Ann Surg Oncol 16(4): 861-70
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  16. Silencing of TLR4 decreases liver tumor burden in a murine model of colorectal metastasis and hepatic steatosis. Earl TM, Nicoud IB, Pierce JM, Wright JP, Majoras NE, Rubin JE, Pierre KP, Gorden DL, Chari RS (2009) Ann Surg Oncol 16(4): 1043-50
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