In the laboratory we study molecular signaling pathways in the developing nervous system. We are interested in learning how inductive signals are generated, received and implemented to coordinate cellular growth and differentiation during brain and spinal cord development. Hedgehog proteins are one of several secreted signaling molecules that are essential for normal embryonic development. Sonic hedgehog is the best characterized of three vertebrate Hedgehog signaling proteins and is of considerable interest because of its role in directing the fate of neuronal progenitor cells and in the initiation and growth of medulloblastomas, a pediatric brain tumor. Past efforts have been directed at the identification and characterization of teratogenic, plant-derived compounds as modulators of the Hedgehog pathway. These studies have served to further our understanding of how the Hedgehog signal transduction apparatus functions, to provide tools for dissecting the roles of Hedgehog signaling in both neurogenesis and organ function, and to identify a potential mechanism-based cancer therapy. Current research efforts are directed at understanding the molecular events through which Hedgehog signaling influences progenitor cell proliferation and neuronal specification. To gain a molecular understanding of these cellular responses we have recently embarked on a systematic effort to identify and characterize Sonic hedgehog gene targets. In addition to learning more about how cells respond to Hedgehog signaling in the developing brain, we are using this information to explore later roles for Hedgehog signaling in neurogenesis within the adult brain. Our hope is that molecular insight into normal pathways of neurogenesis can contribute to the understanding of a host of nervous system diseases and to better strategies for the treatment of those disorders.


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