Cancer Metastasis is initiated by the initial dissemination of tumor cells away from the primary tumor. We hypothesize that immobilization of tumor cells through enhanced adhesion can prevent systemic dissemination of tumor cells. A combination of in vivo models, biochemical assays and genetic screens is used to identify and alter the molecular components that can immobilize the metastasizing tumor cell. Using a translational research approach we test and validate the contribution of migratory mechanisms to the progression of cancer in patients. 

The laboratory pursues three primary research objectives: 1) Characterization of the molecular mechanism of migration regulated by the tetraspanin CD151, 2) Identification and characterization of the metastatic cell population within a primary tumor, and 3) In vivo screening for molecular mechanism of migration capable of reverting the invasive phenotype of metastastic tumor cells.

 The research program is based on three central themes: A) Investigating the molecular mechanisms of migration, B) Evaluating and validating these mechanisms in the patient population, and C) developing research and clinical tools to advance our studies. 

Specific mechanistic studies include:

The regulation of migration by tetraspanins: Among the molecular regulators of motility, we have found the tetraspanin CD151 to be a particularly critical component of metastasis. Interfering with its function through antibody binding inhibits extracellular matrix mediated migration and blocks >95% of the tumor cell dissemination in a spontaneous metastasis model. Using a newly-established in vivo motility assay, we have been able to demonstrate that altering the function of CD151 results in complete inhibition of in vivo motility for several tumor cell types. Ongoing studies try to determine the molecular mechanism by which this regulation of migration occurs.

Specific translational studies include:

The evaluation of molecular mechanisms of migration that contribute to metastasis as clinical biomarkers. We aim to identify patients that are likely to progress clinically due to presence molecularly advanced. The focus is on the identification of molecular indicators that are independent of pathological staging in order to identify high risk patients even if they present with early stage or benign disease. Specific emphasis is placed on molecular mechanisms of migration because they can facilitate early dissemination prior to the clinical manifestation of malignant invasion and metastatic lesions.


The following timeline graph is generated from all co-authored publications.

Featured publications are shown below:

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