The Quaranta laboratory studies cancer cell proliferation, motility and metabolism by a systems biology approach. We subject cancer cells to drug perturbations (including addicting oncogene targeted drugs) and derive the response at the population level from single-cell data. Hundreds to thousands of single cells are monitored by automated microscopy coupled to image processing and data modeling. With respect to proliferation, we fractionate the cellular drug response into several behaviors, including entry into quiescence, apoptosis, or changes in division rate. For motility, we quantify changes in speed and persistence with models that apply to the single cell level, challenging cells with diverse substrates, especially laminins, and extracellular matrix proteases. Metabolism is monitored with respect to entry into aerobic glycolysis. These experimental data are integrated into computational models to predict and/or optimize drug response. Model predictions are validated in experimental tumors. Our interdisciplinary group is comprised of cell and molecular biologists, mathematicians, engineers, bioengineers, bioinformaticians and computational biologists.


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Featured publications are shown below:

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