My laboratory explores the molecular basis for neurotransmitter transporter structure, function and regulation. We use chimera, site-directed mutagenesis and site-specific chemical modification strategies to explore the topology and quaternary structure of biogenic amine transporters. We are evaluating what molecules control the proper localization and activity of transporter proteins using genetic (C.elegans), and molecular biologic methods. We are also evaluating whether human transporter polymorphisms impact the biosynthesis, trafficking and function of transporters and confer increased risk for autonomic, neurologic and mental disorders.


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  1. Acute blockade of the Caenorhabditis elegans dopamine transporter DAT-1 by the mammalian norepinephrine transporter inhibitor nisoxetine reveals the influence of genetic modifications of dopamine signaling in vivo. Bermingham DP, Hardaway JA, Snarrenberg CL, Robinson SB, Folkes OM, Salimando GJ, Jinnah H, Blakely RD (2016) Neurochem Int : 122-8
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