My research focuses on understanding how growth factors (e.g. TGF-beta, Wnt/beta-catenin) modulate the renal response to acute and chronic injury. Growth factors such as TGF-beta mediate different cellular effects depending upon the target cell type. As the epithelial cells are often the target of renal injury, we have used the Cre/lox system to generate mice lacking various growth factors and transcription factors specifically in renal tubules. In addition, we have generated specific cell populations in vitro to better understand how growth factors affect cell cycle progression, mitochondrial function, and other cellular responses. I was previously funded by a VA Career Development Award and now have NIH funding to investigate growth factors and renal epithelial injury. 



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Featured publications are shown below:

  1. TGF-β and Diabetic Nephropathy: Lessons Learned Over the Past 20 Years. Gewin LS (2020) Am J Med Sci 359(2): 70-72
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