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1/29/2014Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
Investigating the multiple functions of dopamine signaling in the islets
512 Light HallAlessandro Ustione (Piston)
3/20/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Weekly Seminar
“Studying the signaling of dopamine receptor D3 in the pancreatic β-cell”
512 Light HallAlessandro Ustione (Piston lab)
3/12/2014Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
“Somatostatin and Insulin Mediate Glucose-Inhibited Glucagon Secretion in the Pancreatic α-Cell by Lowering cAMP”
512 Light HallAmy Elliott (Piston)
10/16/2019Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk512 Light HallAnna Osipovich (Magnuson lab)
3/2/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) seminar
A gene co-expression network of beta-cell development
512 Light HallAnna Osipovich (Mark Magnuson's lab)
2/27/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Weekly Seminar
Effects of Clinically Relevant Levels of Immunosuppressive Drugs on Human Islet Function and Survival
512 Light HallAnnie Robledo (Powers lab)
5/20/2020Beta Cell interest Group (BIG) Talk512 Light HallAshley Christensen (Gannon Lab)
9/28/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Strategies to Improve Human Pancreatic Islet Yield and Function
512 Light HallBalamurugan Appakalai, PhD
11/19/2014Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
Glycolysis Control of Beta-cell Fate
512 Light HallBenjamin Glaser, MD, Hadassah-Hebrew Univ Med Ctr
4/13/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
“Regulation of β-Cell Mass Expansion by Prostaglandin E2 Signaling”
512 Light HallBethany Carboneau (Maureen Gannon's lab
11/13/2019Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk512 Light HallBingyuan Yang (Chen lab)
1/8/2020Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk
RIPK3-mediated inflammation is a conserved beta-cell response to ER stress
512 Light HallBingyuan Yang (Chen lab)
6/4/2014Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
The identification and characterization of Pdx1 coregulators
512 Light HallBrian McKenna (Stein)
5/15/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Weekly Seminar
The identification and characterization of Pdx1 co-regulators
512 Light HallBrian McKenna (Stein lab)
11/27/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar512 Light HallChad Hunter (Stein)
3/4/2015Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
Loss of Myt factors compromises postnatal beta-cell differentiation and survival
512 Light HallChen Huang (Gu's lab)
5/17/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Engineering Endocrine Transdifferentiation: A Systems Approach
512 Light HallChristian Meyer and David Wooten (VQuaranta’s lab)
6/10/2015Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
Rescue of Glucose Inhibition of Glucagon Secretion by Clustering of Islet Cells
512 Light HallChristopher Reissaus (Piston's lab)
4/27/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Interruption of Glucagon Signaling Stimulates Alpha Cell Proliferation: Evidence of Hepatic-Islet Alpha Cell Axis
512 Light HallDanielle Dean (Al Powers' lab)
9/18/2019Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk512 Light HallDanielle Dean, PhD
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