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Meeting Date Meeting Title Location  Presenter
7/11/2018Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)206 PRBTBA
7/25/2018Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Mechanisms of human alpha and beta islet cell dysfunction in type 2 diabetes
206 PRBJack Walker (Powers' lab)
8/8/2018Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)206 PRBSarah Milian (Jacobson lab)
8/22/2018Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)206 PRBSpencer Andrei, PhD (Gannon lab)
9/5/2018Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
eating designer islets for transplantation and disease modeling
206 PRBQuinn Peterson, PhD (Mayo Clinic)
9/19/2018Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)206 PRBTBA
10/17/2018Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)206 PRBTBA
11/14/2018Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)206 PRBTBA
11/28/2018Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)206 PRBTBA
10/25/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk
"Using the nematode C. elegans to reveal insights into insulin biogenesis"
206 PRB (NOTE CHANGE IN ROOM)Patrick Hu, MD, PhD (Medicine; Cell & Dev Biol
8/30/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk206 PRB (NOTE ROOM CHANGE)NO TALK
7/15/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Gene Expression Patterns in Laser-Captured Islets from Donors with or without Diabetes
206 Preston Research BuildingIvan C. Gerling, PhD
4/12/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)206 Preston Research BuildingTBA
4/26/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Endothelial cells in the islet microenvironment promote β-cell proliferation
206 Preston Research BuildingDiane Saunders (Powers' laboratory)
5/10/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Use of BioVU and other Genetic Resources to Explore the Impact of Genes on Islet Biology
206 Preston Research BuildingRichard O'Brien, Xue Zhong and Nancy Cox
1/13/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)206 Preston Research BuildingTBA
12/11/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
Exploring the Function of G6PC2 in Pancreatic Islet Beta Cells
512 ight HallKayla Boortz (O'Brien)
11/22/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk512 LHNo talk
12/12/2012Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Weekly Seminar
Endocrine progenitor dynamics and Notch signaling function during the secondary transition of mouse pancreas development
512 Light HallEric Bankaitis (Wright lab)
12/19/2012Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Weekly Seminar
Peripheral insulin resistance in the zebrafish: A new model to study beta cell dynamics
512 Light HallLisette Maddison (Chen lab)
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