Meeting Date Meeting Title Location Presenter 
5/27/2015Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)512 Light HallMaria Golson (Gannon's lab)
6/20/2018Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Probing the secret lives of β-cells
512 Light HallMark Magnuson, MD
4/11/2018Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Exploring the roles of ligand-gated ion channels in alpha-cell calcium handling and glucagon secretion
512 Light HallMatt Dickerson (Jacobson's lab)
3/6/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Weekly Seminar
Tracking and Characterizing Endocrine Cell Birth: Evidence for a Metastable Mitotic Endocrine-biased Progenitor State
512 Light HallMatthew Bechard (Wright lab)
1/4/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
“Exploring mechanisms that regulate the TALK-1 K+ channel and its role in the function of β-cells under inflammatory conditions”
512 Light HallMatthew Dickerson, PhD (Jacobson lab)
9/2/2015Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
"Uncovering Regulatory Mechanisms of the Diabetes Associated Potassium Channel, TALK-1"
512 Light HallMatthew Dickerson, PhD (Jacobson's lab)
6/12/2019Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk512 Light HallMatthew Ishahak (Powers)
12/12/2018Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
"Engineering Microphysiological Systems: A Robust Platform for Islet Research"
206 Preston Research BuildingMatthew Ishahak (Univ of Miami)
5/1/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Weekly Seminar
Title: Molecular mechanisms of overnutrition-induced β cell neogenesis in zebrafish
512 Light HallMingyu Li (Chen lab)
8/6/2014Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar512 Light HallMingyu Li, PhD (Wenbiao Chen's lab)
3/27/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Weekly Seminar
Role of Heat Shock Protein 90 in insulin secretion
512 Light HallNatalia Tamarina, PhD, Univ Chicago
5/11/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Dissecting the role of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) in cell function
512 Light HallNathaniel Hart, PhD (Powers' lab)
10/29/2014Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
Age-related changes in islet cell composition, proliferation, and mass in human pancreas
512 Light HallNathaniel Hart (Powers)
8/19/2015Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
RNA aptamers targeting human pancreatic endocrine cells
512 Light HallNeil Philips (Powers lab)
4/24/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Weekly Seminar
Development of RNA aptamers for beta cell imaging
512 Light HallNeil Phillips (Powers lab)
10/28/2015Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) seminars
“Novel insights into the modulation of islet hormone secretion and metabolic homeostasis by the two-pore domain K+ channel TALK-1"
512 Light HallNicholas C. Vierra
12/7/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
TALK-1 K+ flux controls the unique oscillatory signature of beta-cell ER calcium handling
512 Light HallNicholas C. Vierra (Jacobson lab)
10/1/2014Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
β-cell TALK-1: illuminating the function of an islet-specific K+ channel
512 Light HallNicholas Vierra (Jacobson)
9/16/2015Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)512 Light HallNo BIG Talk
9/30/2015Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar512 Light HallNo BIG Talk
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