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Meeting Date  Meeting Title Location Presenter
4/26/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Endothelial cells in the islet microenvironment promote β-cell proliferation
206 Preston Research BuildingDiane Saunders (Powers' laboratory)
4/12/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)206 Preston Research BuildingTBA
3/29/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Exploring the Role of ZnT8 in Islet Beta Cell Function and Type 2 Diabetes
512 Light HallKristen Syring (O'Brien's lab)
3/15/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG_512 Light HallTBA
3/1/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)512 Light HallJason Spaeth (Stein lab)
2/15/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Determining the mechanism of human a cell dysfunction in Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)
512 Light HallRachana Haliyur (Powers' lab)
2/1/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)512 Light HallNo talk
1/18/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)512 Light HallNo talk
1/13/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)206 Preston Research BuildingTBA
1/4/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
“Exploring mechanisms that regulate the TALK-1 K+ channel and its role in the function of β-cells under inflammatory conditions”
512 Light HallMatthew Dickerson, PhD (Jacobson lab)
12/21/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)512 Light HallNo talk due to holidays
12/7/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
TALK-1 K+ flux controls the unique oscillatory signature of beta-cell ER calcium handling
512 Light HallNicholas C. Vierra (Jacobson lab)
11/23/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)512 Light HallHoliday, no BIG talk
11/9/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Pancreatic Inflammation Redirects Acinar to Beta Cell Reprogramming
512 Light HallHannah Worchel (Magnuson lab)
10/26/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
“The Effects of In Utero High Fat Diet Exposure on the Endocrine Pancreas of the Offspring”
512 Light HallJoseph Elsakr (Gannon (lab)
10/12/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Examples of how MafA and MafB can influence human β cells
512 Light HallEmily M. Walker, PhD (Stein lab)
9/28/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Strategies to Improve Human Pancreatic Islet Yield and Function
512 Light HallBalamurugan Appakalai, PhD
9/14/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
An RNASeq-based approach to understanding β-cell response to metabolic stress
512 Light HallJennifer S. Stancill (Magnuson lab)
7/15/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Gene Expression Patterns in Laser-Captured Islets from Donors with or without Diabetes
206 Preston Research BuildingIvan C. Gerling, PhD
5/17/2016Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Engineering Endocrine Transdifferentiation: A Systems Approach
512 Light HallChristian Meyer and David Wooten (VQuaranta’s lab)
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