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Meeting Date  Meeting Title Location Presenter
5/1/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Weekly Seminar
Title: Molecular mechanisms of overnutrition-induced β cell neogenesis in zebrafish
512 Light HallMingyu Li (Chen lab)
5/8/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Weekly Seminar512 Light HallNO meeting
5/15/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Weekly Seminar
The identification and characterization of Pdx1 co-regulators
512 Light HallBrian McKenna (Stein lab)
10/2/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar512 Light HallNo talk scheduled
10/16/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar512 Light HallNo talk scheduled
10/23/2013Beta Cell Interest Group
Generation of pancreatic insulin producing β-cells from islet α-cells in vivo
512 Light HallHarini Chakravarthy, PhD
10/30/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
Identification and characterization of the novel interaction between MafA and the MLL3/4 complex
512 Light HallDavid Scoville (Stein lab)
11/13/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
“The role of EphA4 receptor signaling in the glucose-inhibition of glucagon secretion”
512 Light HallTroy Hutchens (Piston lab)
11/27/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar512 Light HallChad Hunter (Stein)
12/11/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
Exploring the Function of G6PC2 in Pancreatic Islet Beta Cells
512 ight HallKayla Boortz (O'Brien)
12/25/2013Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar512 Light HallNo meeting
1/1/2014Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar512 Light HallNo meeting
1/15/2014Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
"Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF) Enhances β-cell Regeneration"
512 Light HallKim Gooding Riley (Gannon)
1/29/2014Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
Investigating the multiple functions of dopamine signaling in the islets
512 Light HallAlessandro Ustione (Piston)
2/12/2014Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
Nkx2.2: A major regulator of the intestinal epithelium
512 Light HallStefanie Gross (Lori Sussel's lab, Columbia Univer
2/26/2014Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar512 Light HallNo seminar
3/12/2014Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
“Somatostatin and Insulin Mediate Glucose-Inhibited Glucagon Secretion in the Pancreatic α-Cell by Lowering cAMP”
512 Light HallAmy Elliott (Piston)
3/26/2014Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
Signals in the Islet Microenvironment Modulated by Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A Promote Beta Cell Proliferation
512 Light HallKristie Aamodt (Powers)
4/9/2014Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminars
Dominant Control of Endodermal Organ Allocation by the Transcription Factor Ptf1a
512 Light HallSpencer Willet (Wright)
4/23/2014Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Seminar
Using activated FoxM1 to enhance beta cell function and proliferation
512 Light HallMaria Golson (Gannon)
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