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Meeting Date  Meeting Title Location Presenter
2/14/2018Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) talks
discuss findings presented at Frontiers in Islet Biology & Diabetes Keystone mtg
512 Light HallDiscussion
1/31/2018Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) talks512 Light HallNone provided
1/17/2018Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) talks512 Light HallTBA
12/20/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk512 Light HallTBA
12/6/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk
no talk
512 Light HallNo talk
11/22/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk512 LHNo talk
11/8/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk512 Light HallJonathan R. Weitz, University of Miami
10/25/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk
"Using the nematode C. elegans to reveal insights into insulin biogenesis"
206 PRB (NOTE CHANGE IN ROOM)Patrick Hu, MD, PhD (Medicine; Cell & Dev Biol
10/11/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk
No talk
512 Light HallTBA
9/27/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk
Exploring the export mechanisms of pancreatic-originating HDL-microRNAs
512 Light HallLeslie Roteta Sedgeman (Vicker's lab)
9/13/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk
The hepatic-alpha cell axis
512 Light HallDanielle Dean, PhD (Powers' laboratory)
8/30/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG) Talk206 PRB (NOTE ROOM CHANGE)NO TALK
8/16/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Exploring the Function of G6pc2 in Pancreatic Islets
512 Light HallKarin Bosma (O'Brien's laboratory)
8/2/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
“Antidiabetic Actions of Glucagon Receptor Antagonists"
512 Light HallWilliam Holland, PhD (UTSW)
7/19/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)512 Light HallNo Talk
7/5/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Golgi-derived microtubule nucleation in beta cells is regulated by calcium and cAMP
512 Light HallKathryn Trogden, PhD (Kaverina's lab)
6/21/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)512 Light HallKarrie Dudek (Magnuson's laboratory)
6/7/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)512 Light HallXiadong Zhu (Kaverina's laboratory)
5/24/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)512 Light HallDanielle Dean (Powers' laboratory)
5/10/2017Beta Cell Interest Group (BIG)
Use of BioVU and other Genetic Resources to Explore the Impact of Genes on Islet Biology
206 Preston Research BuildingRichard O'Brien, Xue Zhong and Nancy Cox
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