Meeting Date Meeting Title Location  Presenter
11/4/2020SPRING meetingZoomJonathan Brunger, Ph.D.
11/18/2020SPRING MeetingZoomGregor Neuert, Ph.D.
12/2/2020SPRING meetingZoomMichelle Southard-Smith, Ph.D.
12/16/2020SPRING MeetingZoomBob Coffey, Ph.D.
1/13/2021SPRING MeetingTBDKathy DelGiorno, Ph.D.
1/27/2021SPRING MeetingTBDMatt Tyska, Ph.D.
2/10/2021SPRING MeetingTBDBrent Ferrell, M.D.
2/24/2021SPRING MeetingTBDWon Jae Huh, M.D. Ph.D., and Jimin Min, Ph.D.
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