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Network Analysis and Visualization of Collaborative Networks

Visualizing the collaborative interactions between people within a large and distributed scientific effort like the international BCBC was realized with network graphics.

Interactive Gene Network Graphs

Software and database engineering made possible the interactive visualization of complex gene networks.

High Impact Graphics for Publication

As scientists with art skills, we can translate the unknown into visually striking and scientifically accurate representations of data and information.

Infographics for NIDDK Congressional Report

We work closely with scientists as well as administrators, to achieve impactful infographics which are published in congressional reports, publications and elsewhere!

BCBC Website and Database

Ten years of active development produced the impactful and leading website in the field of pancreatic beta cell and Type 1 Diabetes research.

Population Analysis

Visualizing geographical frequency data is a powerful means to communicating trends.

What are your Data Challenges?

Data can be very complex. From experiment design to publication, you will navigate many steps through its lifecycle. Our services are tailored to these broad categories and are focused for each individual project.

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DATA Data Annotation and Curation

Organize, annotate, establish minimal standards, and allow data to be interoperable and reusable.

DATA Data Integration, Interoperability and Harmonization

Correlate and synergize otherwise disconnected data or information.

DATA SOFTWARE WEBSITE Data Processing and Analysis

Inspect, clean, transform and model data to allow the discovery of useful information, decisions, or conclusions.


Communicate information clearly and efficiently via information graphics, making complex data understandable.

COMMUNICATION Email Marketing and Analytics

Communicate with small and large groups via industry-standard services and approaches, including metrics tracking.

COMMUNICATION GRAPHICS Graphic Design, Illustration and Media Production

Translate concepts and results into attractive and impactful graphics for publications and presentations.


Establish a user-friendly and powerful one-page website for your Labnodes community.

PUBLICATION Publication and Citation Survey

Create intelligent reports on publications or citations associated with members of your organization. Use a robust and systematic workflow and poll a large group of users for a complete listing of their publications in the context of citations against core facilities or other entities, such as shared instrumentation.

COMMUNICATION SOFTWARE WEBSITE DATA Software and Database Management and Development

Build or buy new software or databases and have them managed in a secure and scalable environment.

PUBLICATION Training and Education

Our training services can help you better understand and use Labnodes to manage and share information about your research activities and interests.


Transition from your old website to your new Labnodes-powered community (and optional landing page). We can assist you to ensure your data, information, documents and graphics are all taken care of.

About CDS

Creative Data Solutions is a Vanderbilt Shared Resource and has extensive experience in providing effective and robust solutions to challenges pertaining to research data using modern informatics and bioinformatics approaches.

We provide a wide array of services that are essential to support these goals. The following are available on a fee-for-service basis:

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Can we help?

We can help you process and analyze your data, using industry-standard methods or in-house approaches.

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Clear and high-impact graphics are vital in scientific communications. We can work with your graphics or create de novo media that works best for your papers, presentations or grant proposals.

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We are available to help administer, optimize, upgrade or even analyze your database. Need a database? We can deploy turnkey systems or create custom databases to meet your exact needs.

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Data often needs to be re-annotated or otherwise improved, either by data curation effort and/or semi-automated validation schemes. In any case, we are data experts and can help massage your data into usefulness.

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We write custom software applications that can run on any web platform and device. We can also deploy and configure existing software in the appropriate environment, keeping security and scalability in mind.

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Need a website or blog? From a WordPress installation to a completely custom website, we can do it all. Do you want to avoid re-entering information or data, no problem - we can help with that too!

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Important Resources

We work with the following entities whenever possible:



Below is a small sampling of technologies we use:

After Effects, Amazon Web Services (Cloud), Annotare, Apache, ArrayExpress, Atlassian Tools, Bioconductor, Biopython, Bowtie, Camtasia Studio, CSS, Cytoscape, DAVID, Excel, Gene2MeSH, GO, Google Products, Graph-ML, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, MIAME, MySQL, NCBI/Entrez API, OpenRefine, Oracle Database, Perl, Photoshop, PHP, PostgreSQL, Premiere, Processing, Python, R, Sketchup, SOAP, Softimage, XML, yED
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