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Excellent class today!  Even though the class was geared around laboratories, I came away with a better understanding of Labnodes in regard to Communities, Workgroups, etc. and how to use it.

Pam Uttz
Jan. 30, 2014

Labnodes is a great resource for maintaining and updating protocols in the lab. Rather than keeping up with multiple paper copies of updated protocols, Labnodes provides easy access to the most current protocols for our lab. It is also great for having a central location for meeting dates, agendas, and information to be discussed.

Jennifer Skelton
Jan. 4, 2013

I've already been messing around in Randy's Lab Community and have updated his publications. So, soooooo EASY! I love it!

Denise Malone
Mar. 27, 2013

Thanks again for all your efforts with this project—it's an amazing tool that I hope people will really embrace!

Denise Malone
Jul. 19, 2013

I had a great time learning about Labnodes. Thanks for your assistance in getting our workgroup set up.

Linda Stewart
Dec. 12, 2012

Thank you for a most excellent presentation yesterday. Your work is extremely impressive. Labnodes is a great productivity tool.

Linda Stewart
Nov. 9, 2012

Labnodes is easy to use.

Shawn Garbett
Aug. 13, 2013

Labnodes has become the hub for both our laboratory operations and for the MMPC. I’m using it to run our multi-laboratory journal club and to store talks for members to access. Thanks for meeting our unique needs. It is really nice to have web sites that we ourselves can manage. On the occasions when we have needed support, the “customer service” has been superb.

David Wasserman
Sep. 30, 2015

That (Google search for VAPR) is awesome!!! Thanks so much for working with me!

Erin Gribben
Aug. 22, 2013

This (the separation of messages and recent notifications on the member dashboard page) looks great to me! Everyone is receiving the Beauchamp lab messages via email and the message widget is very helpful.

Keeli Lewis
Oct. 30, 2013

I am spreading the gospel of LabNodes and have encouraged other PIs at the VUIIS to establish lab communities and complete profiles.

Brian Welch
Apr. 1, 2014

By the way, I think Labnodes is fabulous and has immense potential for increasing collaborations.

Brian Welch
Apr. 8, 2014

This is sooooo cool!  I’ve been entering the cells into the inventory. 

I’ve linked to journal articles and uploaded documents such as special media formulas and MTA agreements.  I’m in love with the system!

Linda W. Horton
Mar. 18, 2014

LabNodes is a wonderful way to catalog the cells!  Easy to use, easy to search, easy on everyone.  Thank you so much for getting me started on this!

Linda W. Horton
Mar. 26, 2014

Labnodes is like Facebook for smart people.

Walter Lee
Mar. 19, 2014

I heard about Labnodes initially from Dr. Elizabeth Johnson (the Lab Manager for Dr. Leslie Crawford in Rheumatology). She said it was a WONDERFUL way to organize a new lab. I kept the idea of using Labnodes in the back of my mind, but didn't actively move on it right away. Then, last week, I attended a group meeting with our new division chair, Dr. David Aronoff. His lab manager (Lisa Rodgers) spoke about Labnodes and it reinforced to me what a great tool this could be for my lab.

Jennifer Gaddy
Dec. 31, 2013

Our website looks "dang good!"  The best it has ever looked.

Fran Tripp
Oct. 20, 2014

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