Labnodes Features » Sharing Features

Who can use Labnodes?

  • Labnodes is open to all Vanderbilt faculty, staff and trainees
  • Any community owner (or leader) may extend an invitation to anyone, including non-Vanderbilt collaborators
  • Investigators, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, laboratory and core/shared resource staff, and administrative staff can all be members
Currently, only Vanderbilt users can log in

Owners and Leaders control access to information

If desired, fine-grained permissions tuning is available

Both community owners (eg. investigator) and leaders (eg. lab members assigned as lab delegates) can self-manage all the content and access to it:

  • Invite new users and remove users who have left the community
  • Selectively share information, which by default is not shared
  • Fine-tune permission settings
  • Owners can also create workgroups and invite smaller groups of people for very confidential information exchange

What can be shared?

This site is designed with sharing as a fundamental design element. While the scenarios are limitless, some examples include:

  • Reagent resources
  • Protocols
  • Documents, such as policies, service guidelines, MTAs, MSDS, images, and other files
Any collection or resource can be shared

Last updated on August 6, 2014