Labnodes is a research network that is composed of 2,495 users within 89 communities such as centers, laboratories and shared resources. As a whole, this community has annotated 16,600 resources and associated 58,822 publications.

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Multi-omic analysis elucidates the genetic basis of hydrocephalus. Hale AT, Bastarache L, Morales DM, Wellons JC, Limbrick DD, Gamazon ER (2021) Cell Rep 35(5): 109085

Added by Eric Gamazon on 5/6/2021

Deep Learning Enables Fast and Accurate Imputation of Gene Expression. Viñas R, Azevedo T, Gamazon ER, Liò P (2021) Front Genet : 624128

Added by Eric Gamazon on 5/3/2021

The Huntingtin-interacting protein SETD2/HYPB is an actin lysine methyltransferase. Seervai RNH, Jangid RK, Karki M, Tripathi DN, Jung SY, Kearns SE, Verhey KJ, Cianfrocco MA, Millis BA, Tyska MJ, Mason FM, Rathmell WK, Park IY, Dere R, Walker CL (2020) Sci Adv 6(40)

Added by W. Rathmell on 4/27/2021

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