The Hormone Assay & Analytical Services Core is a support laboratory at VUSM administered by the Vanderbilt DRTC and Vanderbilt MMPC.

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The primary objective of the Core is to provide sensitive, inexpensive, and reproducible analyses to investigators that facilitate all types of diabetes related research. These analyses include measurement of stable isotopes, oxidative stress assessment, lipids, amino acids, purine nucleotides and hormones in biologic fluids as related to diabetes, endocrine and metabolic research. Secondarily, the Hormone Assay & Analytical Services Core offers regional access to assays not otherwise available. In addition to technical support, the Hormone Assay & Analytical Services Core provides training to other lab personnel as to the methods, interpretation of results and advises on advantages and limitations of various procedures.

The Core provides space, equipment, and personnel for sample analysis and method development. Investigators pay a fee-for-service that covers the cost of reagents, supplies, a percentage of personnel salary, and pro-rated service contracts. It provides a valuable resource for all investigators without ready access to wet-lab research space and personnel. The services provided utilize modern instrumentation run by experienced research assistants in a reliable, quality-controlled environment.


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Core Director
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Dale Edgerton,
Core Manager
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